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On The Farm

There was Dai Puw. He was no good. They put him in the fields to dock swedes, And took the […]

Ninetieth Birthday

You go up the long track That will take a car, but is best walked On slow foot, noting the […]

The Woman

So beautiful God himself quailed At her approach: the long body curved Like the horizon. Why had he made Her […]

Death Of A Poet

Laid now on his smooth bed For the last time, watching dully Through heavy eyelids the day’s colour Widow the […]

Children’s Song

We live in our own world, A world that is too small For you to stoop and enter Even on […]

A Marriage

We met under a shower Of bird-notes. Fifty years passed, Love’s moment in a world in Servitude to time. She […]

The Village

Scarcely a street, too few houses To merit the title; just a way between The one tavern and the one […]

Poetry For Supper

‘Listen, now, verse should be as natural As the small tuber that feeds on muck And grows slowly from obtuse […]

Chapel Deacon

Who put that crease in your soul, Davies, ready this fine morning For the staid chapel, where the Book’s frown […]

An Old Man

Looking upon this tree with its quaint pretension Of holding the earth, a leveret, in its claws, Or marking the […]

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