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The shepherd Christ from heav’n arriv’d, My flesh and spirit feeds; I shall not therefore be depriv’d Of all my […]

Where's the Poker?

The poker lost, poor Susan storm’d, And all the rites of rage perform’d; As scolding, crying, swearing, sweating, Abusing, fidgetting, […]

A Song to David (excerpt)

Sweet is the dew that falls betimes, And drops upon the leafy limes; Sweet Hermon’s fragrant air: Sweet is the […]

The Pig

In ev’ry age, and each profession, Men err the most by prepossession; But when the thing is clearly shown, And […]

On My Wife's Birth-Day

‘Tis Nancy’s birth-day raise your strains, Ye nymphs of the Parnassian plains, And sing with more than usual glee To […]

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