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The Warning

For love-I would Split open your head and put A candle in Behind the eyes. Love is dead in us […]

A Song

I had wanted a quiet testament And I had wanted, among other things, A song. That was to be Of […]


What I took in my hand Grew in weight. You must Understand it Was not obscene. Night comes. We sleep. […]

A Wicker Basket

Comes the time when it’s later And onto your table the headwaiter Puts the bill, and very soon after Rings […]


What, younger, felt Was possible, now knows Is not – but still Not chanted enough – Walked by the sea, […]

Four Days In Vermont

Window’s tree trunk’s predominant face A single eye-leveled hole where limb’s torn off Another larger contorts to swell growing in […]


for Mark Peters Not just nothing, Not there’s no answer, Not it’s nowhere or Nothing to show for it – […]


She stood at the window. There was A sound, a light. She stood at the window. A face. Was it […]


America, you ode for reality! Give back the people you took. Let the sun shine again On the four corners […]

The Innocence

Looking to the sea, it is a line Of unbroken mountains. It is the sky. It is the ground. There […]

The Mirror

Seeing is believing. Whatever was thought or said, These persistent, inexorable deaths Make faith as such absent, Our humanness a […]


I approach with such A careful tremor, always I feel the finally foolish Question of how it is, Then, supposed […]

The Way

My love’s manners in bed Are not to be discussed by me, As mine by her I would not credit […]

The Conspiracy

You send me your poems, I’ll send you mine. Things tend to awaken Even through random communication Let us suddenly […]

Clemente's Images

1) Sleeping birds, lead me, Soft birds, be me Inside this black room, Back of the white moon. In the […]

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