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America, you ode for reality! Give back the people you took. Let the sun shine again On the four corners […]

The Innocence

Looking to the sea, it is a line Of unbroken mountains. It is the sky. It is the ground. There […]

The Mirror

Seeing is believing. Whatever was thought or said, These persistent, inexorable deaths Make faith as such absent, Our humanness a […]


I approach with such A careful tremor, always I feel the finally foolish Question of how it is, Then, supposed […]

The Way

My love’s manners in bed Are not to be discussed by me, As mine by her I would not credit […]

The Conspiracy

You send me your poems, I’ll send you mine. Things tend to awaken Even through random communication Let us suddenly […]

Clemente’s Images

1) Sleeping birds, lead me, Soft birds, be me Inside this black room, Back of the white moon. In the […]


Most explicit The sense of trap As a narrowing Cone one’s got Stuck into and Any movement Forward simply Wedges […]


As I was walking I came upon Chance walking the same road upon. As I sat down by chance to […]

I Know A Man

As I sd to my Friend, because I am Always talking, John, I Sd, which was not his Name, the […]

The Rain

All night the sound had Come back again, And again falls This quite, persistent rain. What am I to myself […]

Water Music

The words are a beautiful music. The words bounce like in water. Water music, Loud in the clearing Off the […]


Having begun in thought there In that factual embodied wonder What was lost in the emptied lovers Patience and mind […]

A Form Of Women

I have come far enough From where I was not before To have seen the things Looking in at me […]

The Carnival

Whereas the man who hits The gong dis- Proves it, in all its Simplicity Even so the attempt Makes for […]