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Poems in English

In The Poppy Field

Mad Patsy said, he said to me, That every morning he could see An angel walking on the sky; Across […]

In The Cool Of The Evening

I thought I heard Him calling. Did you hear A sound, a little sound? My curious ear Is dinned with […]


My enemy came nigh, And I Stared fiercely in his face. My lips went writhing back in a grimace, And […]

The Lonely God

So Eden was deserted, and at eve Into the quiet place God came to grieve. His face was sad, His […]

The Ancient Elf

I am the maker, The builder, the breaker, The eagle-winged helper, The speedy forsaker! The lance and the lyre, The […]

I heard a bird at dawn

I heard a bird at dawn Singing sweetly on a tree, That the dew was on the lawn, And the […]