English poetry

Poems in English

The Loss of Love

All through an empty place I go, And find her not in any room; The candles and the lamps I […]

Fruit of the Flower

My father is a quiet man With sober, steady ways; For simile, a folded fan; His nights are like his […]

To Certain Critics

Then call me traitor if you must, Shout reason and default! Say I betray a sacred trust Aching beyond this […]


What is Africa to me: Copper sun or scarlet sea, Jungle star or jungle track, Strong bronzed men, or regal […]

Saturday’s Child

Some are teethed on a silver spoon, With the stars strung for a rattle; I cut my teeth as the […]

For A Poet

I have wrapped my dreams in a silken cloth, And laid them away in a box of gold; Where long […]