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I am reminiscing you; and the little boy who often stole some change from the left pocket of your pants […]

To Whom Words Are Mightier

1/ To whom words are mightier than swords Be warned, for woes may thee betide After our pride, land, offsprings […]

Quatrain on a Jar of Pickles

after that fleeting summer In your overjoyed heart, Haunt years to endure A love with all doors shut Forget a […]

The Hypermarket

history is a hurried Checklist of the goods Mankind wishes To unforget Poetry is a soft whisper Against the bads […]

How Much More Blood?

How much more blood Must the people suffer Before they come to a halt With this horror of power? How […]


(To Grandma) Convention will fail us, grandma dear One of these days, as another birthday is drawing near I hope […]


I used to believe that comprehension began right there; That what eyes failed to make sense of, was insensibility. Every […]

A Distant Recluse

To: E. D.) Supposing I were really there In Kosovo, Aceh, or East Timor And lived myself every horror The […]


standing in front of a mirror You recall it said: To hinge upon time is self-delusion Tomorrows and days after, […]


Some say the taxes we paid Through the nose Were spent on weapons That would send us to the grave. […]


I have longed to hit the quill And hear the faithful tick-tock Of a perishing machine I have longed to […]

Tears Hang on Her Eyes

tears hang on her eyes The ones on the left Fearing the stertorus night sky The ones on the right […]


Please forgive us should You find this insolent Or see no tears we shed after the latest trick of Yours […]

You Gotta be Kidding

So you think God Soliloquizes to Himself (or Herself, Itself, or Godself For that matter) In front of the Bathroom […]

Sonnet I: Love Song

Shalt Cupid be blamed thou doth dominate Dwelling in days and nights with dignity? With this self as my only […]

Good Bye

1/ Remember the old drunk at your church Who elbowed me on the ribs And muttered something I undestood not? […]


Majestic rocks from millions of years ancient Bystanders of earthly silent evolution Are in themselves untold stories Of an ever-lasting […]


I have let her, the kid unstopper me Thinking she would drink me up and part of her I’d be; […]

Last Night’s Encounter

a) Last night’s encounter Gave the little rat and me A terrible blow B) It’s my job therefore To make […]


Your oft-repeated bocsánat Has grown me sick; it keeps Reminding me of a religious teaching. God the ever pardoning Can […]


You often look at her at some nights, when she is asleep so sound so tight. You wonder how come […]


All the world’s a stage shrinking & life remains a same rendition Without rehearsal whose script is written by no-one […]

Time Shall Tell

time shall tell Where the real Warfare befalls: In every soul Time shall tell Who triumphs In self-infliction: No one […]

A Brief History of Gods

First, we worshipped the inanimate. Next, we learned to worship the gods Later, we discovered the Deity. Then, dazzled by […]

Of Love & Sex

said once a friend of mine That love was just a bucket of bullshit; then I Thought about his parents […]

Far Away and Long Ago

Far away and long ago, a young lady who had lost her way found herself wandering in a wood and […]

A Solitary Chestnut

Il buon tempo verrà! A solitary chestnut, Bold in the cold, Hibernating under A gigantic white sheet Is perseverance Keeping […]

Kemang Afternoon Blues

1/ Had it not been for the traffic jam You’d have thought being elsewhere Most the niceties seemed so foreign […]

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