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Poem for My Wife

This morning when we woke up The meat cages still locked us up* We took a bath so they’d look […]


I have refused to refuse to publish This book of poetry Today they’ve found Over a hundred poems In this […]

On Thinking Faculty

1/ One sorriest thing in life is our capacity With which we think that we think. Some do it with […]


To: S in OC Our doggy Needs to be warned To not approach mr. w’s house A neighborly grin yesterday […]

A Friday Prayer

Before the midnoon sermon was a starter He had sat quietly on the corner, His mien dripping with wudhu water […]

Mysterious Humanity

I shall tell you stories about scores of troops Sent to the distant Croatian borders Medical soldiers of fortune with […]


People are still expecting this annus horribilis To close its black box of monstrosities; If I asked you about resolutions […]

To H

Thank you so much, I can’t thank you all enough For this most beautiful epitaph: “Here lies the body Of […]

A Confession

To: I At the risk of being customary I wish to make a confession Not that it may be true […]

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