Poem for My Wife

This morning when we woke up
The meat cages still locked us up*

We took a bath so they’d look nice
Had our breakfast of eggs and rice

Wore the the stuff that Pinurbo**
From his father once borrowed

Braved the traffic never cool
Sending our daughter to school

Day by day we replay the ritual
While yearning for the ephemeral

Break to again drop us by
After that long ago goodbye

To brief childhood and fantasies
Of life, when things looked easy

We pray patiently a day will come
When our only kid a lady becomes

Till we sit by this front verandah
Time overflowing us, like a blunder

Then the best thing to do, my dear:
Is to exist not or escape from here

* Meat Cages (“Sangkar Daging”) is also title of a poem by a West Sumatran poet Gus Tf.
** Joko Pinurbo is an Indonesian poet known for his witty poems gravitating on pants.

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Poem for My Wife