About the size of an old-style dollar bill,
American or Canadian,
Mostly the same whites, gray greens, and steel grays
this little painting (a sketch for a larger one?)
Has never earned any money in its life.
Useless and free, it has spent seventy years
As a minor family relic
Handed along collaterally to owners
Who looked at it sometimes, or didn’t bother to.

It must be Nova Scotia; only there
Does one see abled wooden houses
Painted that awful shade of brown.
The other houses, the bits that show, are white.
Elm trees, low hills, a thin church steeple
that gray-blue wisp or is it? In the foreground
A water meadow with some tiny cows,
Two brushstrokes each, but confidently cows;
Two minuscule white geese in the blue water,
Back-to-back, feeding, and a slanting stick.
Up closer, a wild iris, white and yellow,
Fresh-squiggled from the tube.
The air is fresh

and cold; cold early spring
Clear as gray glass; a half inch of blue sky
Below the steel-gray storm clouds.
(They were the artist’s specialty.)
A specklike bird is flying to the left.
Or is it a flyspeck looking like a bird?

Heavens, I recognize the place, I know it!
It’s behind I can almost remember the farmer’s name.
His barn backed on that meadow. There it is,
Titanium white, one dab. The hint of steeple,
Filaments of brush-hairs, barely there,
Must be the Presbyterian church.
Would that be Miss Gillespie’s house?
Those particular geese and cows
Are naturally before my time.

A sketch done in an hour, “in one breath,”
Once taken from a trunk and handed over.
Would you like this? I’ll Probably never
Have room to hang these things again.
Your Uncle George, no,

mine, my Uncle George,
He’d be your great-uncle, left them all with Mother
When he went back to England.
You know, he was quite famous, an R. A….

I never knew him. We both knew this place,
Apparently, this literal small backwater,
Looked at it long enough to memorize it,
Our years apart. How strange. And it’s still loved,
Or its memory is (it must have changed a lot).
Our visions coincided “visions” is
Too serious a word our looks, two looks:
Art “copying from life” and life itself,
Life and the memory of it so compressed
They’ve turned into each other. Which is which?
Life and the memory of it cramped,
Dim, on a piece of Bristol board,
Dim, but how live, how touching in detail
the little that we get for free,
The little of our earthly trust. Not much.
About the size of our abidance
Along with theirs: the munching cows,
The iris, crisp and shivering, the water
Still standing from spring freshets,
The yet-to-be-dismantled elms, the geese.

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