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Sonnet (1928)

I am in need of music that would flow Over my fretful, feeling finger-tips, Over my bitter-tainted, trembling lips, With […]

Arrival At Santos

Here is a coast; here is a harbor; Here, after a meager diet of horizon, is some scenery: Impractically shaped […]

Questions of Travel

There are too many waterfalls here; the crowded streams Hurry too rapidly down to the sea, And the pressure of […]

While Someone Telephones

Wasted, wasted minutes that couldn’t be worse, Minutes of a barbaric condescension. Stare out the bathroom window at the fir-trees, […]


At four o’clock In the gun-metal blue dark We hear the first crow of the first cock Just below The […]

The Weed

I dreamed that dead, and meditating, I lay upon a grave, or bed, (at least, some cold and close-built bower). […]

Cirque D’Hiver

Across the floor flits the mechanical toy, Fit for a king of several centuries back. A little circus horse with […]

Giant Toad

I am too big. Too big by far. Pity me. My eyes bulge and hurt. They are my one great […]

Cape Breton

Out on the high “bird islands,” Ciboux and Hertford, The razorbill auks and the silly-looking puffins all stand With their […]

The Armadillo

For Robert Lowell This is the time of year When almost every night The frail, illegal fire balloons appear. Climbing […]

Five Flights Up

Still dark. The unknown bird sits on his usual branch. The little dog next door barks in his sleep Inquiringly, […]

The Monument

Now can you see the monument? It is of wood Built somewhat like a box. No. Built Like several boxes […]

A Prodigal

The brown enormous odor he lived by Was too close, with its breathing and thick hair, For him to judge. […]


The tumult in the heart Keeps asking questions. And then it stops and undertakes to answer In the same tone […]

Lullaby For The Cat

Minnow, go to sleep and dream, Close your great big eyes; Round your bed Events prepare The pleasantest surprise. Darling […]

Sonnet (1979)

Caught the bubble In the spirit level, A creature divided; And the compass needle Wobbling and wavering, Undecided. Freed the […]

The Moose

From narrow provinces Of fish and bread and tea, Home of the long tides Where the bay leaves the sea […]

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