Far Away and Long Ago

Far away and long ago, a young lady who had lost her way found herself wandering in a wood and met a young carpenter working on a cupboard by a simple cabin that he’d built himself, to whom after some hesitation she stroke a conversation:

“Excuse me, Sir, but I have lost my way around. Could you show me the way back to the town?”

“Ah good day, Ma’am. Why, by all means.”

The young man showed the young lady the way. The lady, who happened to be a princess, was thankful that she could find her way back home. In sincere gratitude, she said: “Thank you very much!”

The young man replied, “You’re welcome, Ma’am, as much!” He was no less happy.

Many years later they both grew old. It just happened that life had gone on and they had never met again. In fact, the two would have entirely forgotten the episode-had they not bought a book of poetry by an Indonesian poet and found this story.

So, they finally remembered, and life rolled on.

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Far Away and Long Ago