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To Whom Words Are Mightier


To whom words are mightier than swords
Be warned, for woes may thee betide

After our pride, land, offsprings and lives
What more of us can be deprived?

Virtuousness and compliance
Are being ridiculed by this persecution

Avarice rules the world, conscience
Eclipsed by Darwinian aggression

Peace is a piece of cake offered at a gunpoint
Truth always the one from their viewpoint

To whom words are mightier than swords
Be wary, for words may merely be as shorter
Than swords as our untimely departure


To whom swords are mightier than words
Be assured: woes will thee betide

Virtuousness and compliance
Do not expire with persecution

While avarice feeds on itself
Aggression only breeds belligerence

The Peace offered at a gunpoint
And the Truth in between ruins
Are but sources of self-inflicted pain

Swords return to sheaths where they belong
And get eaten away by time before too long
The blast of words, as soon as they explode
Is a flame time can neither put out nor corrode

(July 31, 2006)

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Poem To Whom Words Are Mightier - Sukasah Syahdan