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A Letter

a penny for your thoughts my dear how are you
Got things to tell got to stand naked before you
Disintegration now depicts my inner me were you
Here you might see no difference within but you
I’m sure don’t have to be here to find out how yours
Is different now simply because everything is too dear
I know i’m foolish all of this life i have mostly been reacting yet i cannot now
Now that we are living different lives you living up
Yours i mine filling up our cup with different
Substance yes i think i’m made of glass now!
A man is said a wise man a task for himself
I really want to do my best to help somebody called me
To not break apart – my dear do you hear me
After centuries of my chrisallic stage here i still
Haven’t found a pattern for this ordinary life
Of mine so that fear’s beginning to surround mocking that i’m not in charge of me anymore thank god it is not
For ever since i left you i’ve almost made no strokes
In my diary since i left you i’ve known i’ll
Never lose this pain of not gazing hugging kissing
You again missing the language of your eyes which
I began to comprehend but then had to let go again
Were this a letter as most people define it’d tell you
I’m ok yet this isn’t one of the such lest it conceals
Many facts even the dark ones about the goings-on around me at this point you might consider this doesn’t sound like me i apologize but i couldn’t help it perhaps you won’t find here colourful songs about happiness our happiness your+my happiness but what’s so good about happiness murmured in dreams (your/my dreams)
All i know is that i love you i’m loving you and i will
Tomorrow morning, and many many days later
So please yourself look after

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Poem A Letter - Sukasah Syahdan