Bless 'em beggars, buskers, street vendors

bless ’em beggars, buskers, street vendors
Breastfeeding mothers, fathers weather-
Beaten, misplaced babies, outofschoolboys&girls
Enduring with furious fidelity
Everyday musk of japanese/german carfumery

Bless ’em by-products of national antigress
Fretful souls on the brims of sanity&civility
However they might have depreciated thin
Our soles of mercy

Each with a pair of nike shoes, before we reach down side-pockets to discover feelings
which no longer are pity

Mayhaps they’d beautifully stoop like twilighting sunflowers
And being (seemingly)feline ingrates stop
(&so that in their position we could put ourselves better indeed)

(April 1999)

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Bless 'em beggars, buskers, street vendors