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Ode on Adversity

WHERE o’er my head, the deaf’ning Tempest blew, And Night’s cold lamp cast forth a feeble ray; Where o’er the […]

Sonnet V: O! How Can Love

O! How can LOVE exulting Reason queil! How fades each nobler passion from his gaze! E’en Fame, that cherishes the […]

Sonnet to My Beloved Daughter

WHEN FATE in ruthless rage assail’d my breast, And Heaven relentless seal’d the harsh decree; HOPE, placid soother of the […]

Sonnet XLI: Yes, I Will Go

Yes, I will go, where circling whirlwinds rise, Where threat’ning clouds in sable grandeur lour; Where the blast yells, the […]

Lines Written on the Sea-Coast

SWIFT o’er the bounding deep the VESSEL glides, Its streamers flutt’ring in the summer gales, The lofty mast the breezy […]

Ode to the Moon

PALE GODDESS of the witching hour; Blest Contemplation’s placid friend; Oft in my solitary bow’r, I mark thy lucid beam […]

Sonnet XXXIII: I Wake

I wake! delusive phantoms hence, away! Tempt not the weakness of a lover’s breast; The softest breeze can shake the […]

Sonnet XI: O! Reason!

O! Reason! vaunted Sovreign of the mind! Thou pompous vision with a sounding name! Can’st thou, the soul’s rebellious passions […]

Cupid Sleeping

[Inscribed to Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire.] CLOSE in a woodbine’s tangled shade, The BLOOMING GOD asleep was laid; […]

Rinaldo to Laura Maria

THOU! whose sublime poetic art Can pierce the pulses of the heart, Can force the treasur’d tear to flow In […]

Sonnet X: Dang’rous to Hear

Dang’rous to hear, is that melodious tongue, And fatal to the sense those murd’rous eyes, Where in a sapphire sheath, […]

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