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To the Myrtle

UNFADING branch of verdant hue, In modest sweetness drest, Shake off thy pearly tears of dew, And decorate my breast. […]

The Fugitive

Oft have I seen yon Solitary Man Pacing the upland meadow. On his brow Sits melancholy, mark’d with decent pride, […]

Ode to Reflection

O THOU, whose sober precepts can controul The wild impatience of the troubled soul, Sweet Nymph serene! whose all-consoling pow’r […]

Golfre, Gothic Swiss Tale

I. Where freezing wastes of dazzl’ing Snow O’er LEMAN’S Lake rose, tow’ring; The BARON GOLFRE’S Castle strong Was seen, the […]

Ode to Melancholy

SORC’RESS of the Cave profound! Hence, with thy pale, and meagre train, Nor dare my roseate bow’r profane, Where light-heel’d […]

Sonnet II: High on a Rock

High on a rock, coaeval with the skies, A Temple stands, rear’d by immortal pow’rs To Chastity divine! ambrosial flow’rs […]

Ode to Valour

Inscribed to Colonel Banastre Tarleton] TRANSCENDENT VALOUR! ­godlike Pow’r! Lord of the dauntless breast, and stedfast mien! Who, rob’d in […]

Sonnet XXXIV: Venus! To Thee

Venus! to thee, the Lesbian Muse shall sing, The song, which Myttellenian youths admir’d, When Echo, am’rous of the strain […]

Lewin and Gynneth

“WHEN will my troubled soul have rest?” The beauteous LEWIN cried; As thro’ the murky shade of night With frantic […]

Ode to Health

Come, bright-eyed maid, Pure offspring of the tranquil mind, Haste, my fev’rish temples bind With olive wreaths of em’rald hue […]

The Hermit of Mont-Blanc

High, on the Solitude of Alpine Hills, O’er-topping the grand imag’ry of Nature, Where one eternal winter seem’d to reign; […]

Stanzas to a Friend

AH! think no more that Life’s delusive joys, Can charm my thoughts from FRIENDSHIP’S dearer claim; Or wound a heart, […]

The Haunted Beach

Upon a lonely desart Beach Where the white foam was scatter’d, A little shed uprear’d its head Though lofty Barks […]

Ode to the Nightingale

SWEET BIRD OF SORROW! ­why complain In such soft melody of Song, That ECHO, am’rous of thy Strain, The ling’ring […]

Pastoral Stanzas

WHEN AURORA’S soft blushes o’erspread the blue hill, And the mist dies away at the glances of morn; When the […]

Sonnet XXXVIII: Oh Sigh

Oh Sigh! thou steal’st, the herald of the breast, The lover’s fears, the lover’s pangs to tell; Thou bid’st with […]

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