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Sonnet to Evening

[Written under a tree in the woods of St. Amand, in Flanders.] SWEET BALMY HOUR! ­dear to the pensive mind, […]

The Bee and the Butterfly

UPON a garden’s perfum’d bed With various gaudy colours spread, Beneath the shelter of a ROSE A BUTTERFLY had sought […]

The Shepherd’s Dog

I. A Shepherd’s Dog there was; and he Was faithful to his master’s will, For well he lov’d his company, […]

Ainsi Va le Monde

[As a Tribute of Esteem and Admiration this Poem is inscribed to ROBERT MERRY, Esq. A. M. Member of the […]

Stanzas to Time

CAPRICIOUS foe to human joy, Still varying with the fleeting day; With thee the purest raptures cloy, The fairest prospects […]

To the Muse of Poetry

EXULT MY MUSE! exult to see Each envious, waspish, jealous thing, Around its harmless venom fling, And dart its powerless […]

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