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Stanzas to the Rose

SWEET PICTURE of Life’s chequer’d hour! Ah, wherefore droop thy blushing head? Tell me, oh tell me, hap’less flow’r, Is […]

Second Ode to the Nightingale

BLEST be thy song, sweet NIGHTINGALE, Lorn minstrel of the lonely vale! Where oft I’ve heard thy dulcet strain In […]

Sonnet XXVI: Where Antique Woods

Where antique woods o’er-hang the mountains’s crest, And mid-day glooms in solemn silence lour; Philosophy, go seek a lonely bow’r, […]


WHEN from the craggy mountain’s pathless steep, Whose flinty brow hangs o’er the raging sea, My wand’ring eye beholds the […]

Stanzas to Flora

LET OTHERS wreaths of ROSES twine With scented leaves of EGLANTINE; Enamell’d buds and gaudy flow’rs, The pride of FLORA’S […]

The Negro Girl

I. Dark was the dawn, and o’er the deep The boist’rous whirlwinds blew; The Sea-bird wheel’d its circling sweep, And […]

Ode to Beauty

EXULTING BEAUTY,­phantom of an hour, Whose magic spells enchain the heart, Ah! what avails thy fascinating pow’r, Thy thrilling smile, […]

Elegy to the Memory of Werter

“With female Fairies will thy tomb be haunted “And worms will not come to thee.” SHAKSPERE. WHEN from Day’s closing […]

Echo to Him Who Complains

O FLY thee from the shades of night, Where the loud tempests yelling rise; Where horrror wings her sullen flight […]

The Alien Boy

‘Twas on a Mountain, near the Western Main An ALIEN dwelt. A solitary Hut Built on a jutting crag, o’erhung […]

Mistress Gurton’s Cat

Old MISTRESS GURTON had a Cat, A Tabby, loveliest of the race, Sleek as a doe, and tame, and fat […]

Male Fashions for 1799

Crops like hedgehogs, high-crown’d hats, Whispers like Jew MOSES ; Padded collars, thick cravats, And cheeks as red as roses. […]

Ode to Despair

TERRIFIC FIEND! thou Monster fell, Condemn’d in haunts profane to dwell, Why quit thy solitary Home, O’er wide Creation’s paths […]

The Faded Bouquet

FAIR was this blushing ROSE of May, And fresh it hail’d morn’s breezy hour, When ev’ry spangled leaf look’d gay, […]

Sonnet IV: Why, When I Gaze

Why, when I gaze on Phaon’s beauteous eyes, Why does each thought in wild disorder stray? Why does each fainting […]

Sonnet to Ingratitude

He that’s ungrateful, has no guilt but one; All other crimes may pass for virtues in him. – YOUNG. I […]

January, 1795

Pavement slipp’ry, people sneezing, Lords in ermine, beggars freezing ; Titled gluttons dainties carving, Genius in a garret starving. Lofty […]

Female Fashions for 1799

A form, as any taper, fine ; A head like half-pint bason ; Where golden cords, and bands entwine, As […]

The Deserted Cottage

Who dwelt in yonder lonely Cot, Why is it thus forsaken? It seems, by all the world forgot, Above its […]

To Simplicity

[Inscribed to Lady Duncannon.] SWEET blushing Nymph, who loves to dwell In the dark forest’s silent gloom; Who smiles within […]

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