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To Horror

Dark HORROR, hear my call! Stern Genius hear from thy retreat On some old sepulchre’s moss-cankered seat, Beneath the Abbey’s […]

The Pauper’s Funeral

What! and not one to heave the pious sigh! Not one whose sorrow-swoln and aching eye For social scenes, for […]

Sonnet 03

Not to thee Bedford mournful is the tale Of days departed. Time in his career Arraigns not thee that the […]

Rudiger – A Ballad

Author Note: Divers Princes and Noblemen being assembled in a beautiful and fair Palace, which was situate upon the river […]

High in the air exposed

High in the air exposed the slave is hung, To all the birds of heaven, their living food! He groans […]

Sonnet 06

(to a brook near the village of Corston.) As thus I bend me o’er thy babbling stream And watch thy […]

Birth-Day Ode 03

And wouldst thou seek the low abode Where PEACE delights to dwell? Pause Traveller on thy way of life! With […]

The Race Of Banquo

Fly, son of Banquo! Fleance, fly! Leave thy guilty sire to die. O’er the heath the stripling fled, The wild […]

Sonnet 04

What tho’ no sculptur’d monument proclaim Thy fate-yet Albert in my breast I bear Inshrin’d the sad remembrance; yet thy […]

Sonnet 10

How darkly o’er yon far-off mountain frowns The gather’d tempest! from that lurid cloud The deep-voiced thunders roll, aweful and […]

The Well of St. Keyne

A Well there is in the west country, And a clearer one never was seen; There is not a wife […]

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