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Sonnet 07

(to the rainbow) Mild arch of promise! on the evening sky Thou shinest fair with many a lovely ray Each […]


Let ancient stories round the painter’s art, Who stole from many a maid his Venus’ charms, Till warm devotion fired […]

Sonnet 08

With many a weary step, at length I gain Thy summit, Lansdown; and the cool breeze plays, Gratefully round my […]

The Curse of Kehama

I charm thy life, From the weapons of strife, From stone and from wood, From fire and from flood, From […]

The Battle of Blenheim

It was a summer evening; Old Kaspar’s work was done, And he before his cottage door Was sitting in the […]

Hold your mad hands

Hold your mad hands! for ever on your plain Must the gorged vulture clog his beak with blood? For ever […]

Hymn To The Penates

Yet one Song more! one high and solemn strain Ere PAEAN! on thy temple’s ruined wall I hang the silent […]

Go, Valentine

Go, Valentine, and tell that lovely maid Whom fancy still will portray to my sight, How here I linger in […]


A wrinkled crabbed man they picture thee, Old Winter, with a rugged beard as grey As the long moss upon […]

The Soldier’s Wife

Weary way-wanderer languid and sick at heart Travelling painfully over the rugged road, Wild-visag’d Wanderer! ah for thy heavy chance! […]

Mary – A Ballad

Author Note: The story of the following ballad was related to me, when a school boy, as a fact which […]

The Triumph Of Woman

Glad as the weary traveller tempest-tost To reach secure at length his native coast, Who wandering long o’er distant lands […]

To Contemplation

Faint gleams the evening radiance thro’ the sky, The sober twilight dimly darkens round; In short quick circles the shrill […]

Sonnet 09

Fair is the rising morn when o’er the sky The orient sun expands his roseate ray, And lovely to the […]

His Books

MY days among the Dead are past; Around me I behold, Where’er these casual eyes are cast, The mighty minds […]

Donica – A Ballad

Author Note: In Finland there is a Castle which is called the New Rock, moated about with a river of […]

Sonnet 02

Think Valentine, as speeding on thy way Homeward thou hastest light of heart along, If heavily creep on one little […]

Written On Sunday Morning

Go thou and seek the House of Prayer! I to the Woodlands wend, and there In lovely Nature see the […]

Sonnet 05

Hard by the road, where on that little mound The high grass rustles to the passing breeze, The child of […]

The Old Woman of Berkeley

The Raven croak’d as she sate at her meal, And the Old Woman knew what he said, And she grew […]

Sappho – A Monodrama

Argument. To leap from the promontory of LEUCADIA was believed by the Greeks to be A remedy for hopeless love, […]

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