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Poems in English

Birth-Day Ode 01

O my faithful Friend! O early chosen, ever found the same, And trusted and beloved! once more the verse Long […]

To The Genius Of Africa

O thou who from the mountain’s height Roll’st down thy clouds with all their weight Of waters to old Niles […]

Sonnet 01

Go Valentine and tell that lovely maid Whom Fancy still will pourtray to my sight, How her Bard lingers in […]

The Widow

Cold was the night wind, drifting fast the snows fell, Wide were the downs and shelterless and naked, When a […]

Birth-Day Ode 02

Small is the new-born plant scarce seen Amid the soft encircling green, Where yonder budding acorn rears, Just o’er the […]

To The Chapel Bell

“Lo I, the man who erst the Muse did ask Her deepest notes to swell the Patriot’s meeds, Am now […]