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Roads not yet glistening, rain slight, Broken clouds darken after thinning away. Where they drift, purple cliffs blacken. And beyond […]

Gazing at the Sacred Peak

For all this, what is the mountain god like? An unending green of lands north and south: From ethereal beauty […]

Restless Night

As bamboo chill drifts into the bedroom, Moonlight fills every corner of our Garden. Heavy dew beads and trickles. Stars […]

Moonlit Night

Tonight at Fu-chou, this moon she watches Alone in our room. And my little, far-off Children, too young to understand […]

Day’s End

Oxen and sheep were brought back down Long ago, and bramble gates closed. Over Mountains and rivers, far from my […]

By the Lake

The old fellow from Shao-ling weeps with stifled sobs as he walks furtively by the bends of the Sepentine on […]

Overnight at the Riverside Tower

Evening colors linger on mountain paths. Out beyond this study perched over River Gate, At the cliff’s edge, frail clouds […]

To the Recluse, Wei Pa

Often in this life of ours we resemble, in our failure to meet, the Shen and Shang constellations, one of […]

Ballad of the Army Carts

The carts squeak and trundle, the horses whinny, the conscripts go by, each With a bow and arrows at his […]