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Poems in English

The Breast

One night a woman’s breast came to a man’s room and Began to talk about her twin sister. Her twin […]

The Toy-Maker

A toy-maker made a toy wife and a toy child. He made a toy house and some toy years. He […]

The Melting

An old woman likes to melt her husband. She puts him in A melting device, and he pours out the […]

Soup Song

How I make my soup: I draw water from a tap. . . I am not an artist. And the […]


There was a road that leads him to go to find A certain time where he sits. Smokes quietly in […]

The Family Monkey

We bought an electric monkey, experimenting rather Recklessly with funds carefully gathered since Grandfather’s time for the purchase of a […]

The Rat’s Tight Schedule

A man stumbled on some rat droppings. Hey, who put those there? That’s dangerous, he said. His wife said, those […]


The living room is overgrown with grass. It has Come up around the furniture. It stretches through The dining room, […]

A Stone Is Nobody’s

A man ambushed a stone. Caught it. Made it a prisoner. Put it in a dark room and stood guard […]

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