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The Alfresco Moment

A butler asks, will Madam be having her morning coffee
If you would be so good as to lift me out of my bed to
The veranda I would be more than willing to imbibe coffee
Shall I ask the Master to join you for coffee alfresco,
But my nightgown’s so sheer he might see my pubic delta
Alfresco. And being a woman of wealth I have the loins of a
Goddess. While you, being but a servant, have the loins of a
Child’s teddy bear. Yes, have the Master join the alfresco
Moment. He might just as well be informed of my pubic delta,
It’s not a state secret. Besides, because of his wealth he
Bears the organ of a bull, while you, being but a lowly
Servant, have the loins of a toy.

Very good, Madam. . .

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Poem The Alfresco Moment - Russell Edson