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The Rat's Tight Schedule

A man stumbled on some rat droppings.
Hey, who put those there? That’s dangerous, he said.
His wife said, those are pieces of a rat.
Wait, he’s coming apart, he’s all over the floor, said the
He can’t help it; you don’t think he wants to drop pieces of
Himself all over the floor, do you? said the wife.
But I could have flipped and fallen through the floor, said
The husband.
Well, he’s been thinking of turning into a marsupial, so try
To have a little patience. I’m sure if you were thinking of
Turning into a marsupial he’d be patient with you. But, on the
Other hand, don’t embarrass him if he decides to remain
Placental, he’s on a very tight schedule, said the wife.
A marsupial, a wonderful choice, cried the husband. . .

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Poem The Rat's Tight Schedule - Russell Edson