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The Philosophers

I think, therefore I am, said a man whose mother quickly
Hit him on the head, saying, I hit my son on the head,
Therefore I am.
No no, you’ve got it all wrong, cried the man.
So she hit him on the head again and cried, therefore I am.
You’re not, not that way; you’re supposed to think, not hit,
Cried the man.

. . . I think, therefore I am, said the man.
I hit, therefore we both are, the hitter and the one who gets
Hit, said the man’s mother.
But at this point the man had ceased to be; unconscious he
Could not think. But his mother could. So she thought, I am,
And so is my unconscious son, even if he doesn’t know it. . .

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Poem The Philosophers - Russell Edson