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My body, eh? Friend Death, how now? Why all this tedious pomp of writ? Thou hast reclaimed it sure and […]


With what a childish and short-sighted sense Fear seeks for safety; recons up the days Of danger and escape, the […]


My snowy eupatorium has dropped Its silver threads of petals in the night; No signal told its blossoming had stopped; […]


What freeman knoweth freedom? Never he Whose father’s father through long lives have reigned O’er kingdoms which mere heritage attained. […]


1 The golden-rod is yellow; 2 The corn is turning brown; 3 The trees in apple orchards 4 With fruit […]

Unto one who lies at rest

Unto one who lies at rest ‘Neath the sunset, in the West, Clover-blossoms on her breast. Lover of each gracious […]

Two Truths

Darling,’ he said, ‘I never meant To hurt you;’ and his eyes were wet. ‘I would not hurt you for […]

To an Absent Lover

That so much change should come when thou dost go, Is mystery that I cannot ravel quite. The very house […]

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