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Against Evil Company

Why should I join with those in Play, In whom I’ve no delight, Who curse and swear, but never pray, […]

Hymn 134

Religion vain without love. 1 Cor. 13:1-3. Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews, And nobler speech, that angels […]

Hymn 24

The rich sinner dying. Psa. 49:6,9; Eccl. 8:8; Job 3:14,15. In vain the wealthy mortals toil, And heap their shining […]

Psalm 123

Pleading with submission. O thou whose grace and justice reign Enthroned above the skies, To thee our hearts would tell […]

Psalm 68 part 3

v.19,9,20-22 L. M. Praise for temporal blessings; or, Common and special mercies. We bless the Lord, the just, the good, […]

Psalm 139 part 2

The wonderful formation of man. ‘Twas from thy hand, my God, I came, A work of such a curious frame […]

Psalm 71 part 2

v.14-16,22-24 C. M. Christ our strength and righteousness. My Savior, my almighty Friend, When I begin thy praise, Where will […]

Psalm 119 part 2

Secret devotion and spiritual-mindedness. Ver. 147,55 To thee, before the dawning light My gracious God, I pray; I meditate thy […]

Hymn 86

God holy, just, and sovereign. Job 9:2-10. How should the sons of Adam’s race Be pure before their God? If […]

Hymn 45

The last judgment. Rev. 21:5-8. See where the great incarnate God Fills a majestic throne; While from the skies his […]

Hymn 22 part 2

Flesh and spirit. Rom. 8:1 What vain desires and passions vain Attend this mortal clay! Oft have they pierced my […]

Hymn 38

Love to God. Happy the heart where graces reign, Where love inspires the breast; Love is the brightest of the […]

Psalm 119. last part

Sanctified afflictions; or, Delight in the word of God. Ver. 67,59 Father, I bless thy gentle hand; How kind was […]

Psalm 63 part 2

v.6-10 C. M. Midnight thoughts recollected. ‘Twas in the watches of the night I thought upon thy power, I kept […]

Psalm 44

v.1-8,8,15-26 C. M. The church’s complaint in persecution. Lord, we have heard thy works of old, Thy works of power […]

Hymn 162

Meditation of heaven; or, The joy of faith. My thoughts surmount these lower skies, And look within the veil; There […]

Psalm 21

Our king is the care of Heaven. The king, O Lord, with songs of praise, Shall in thy strength rejoice; […]

Hymn 91

Advice to youth; or, Old age and death in an unconverted state. Eccl. 12:1,7; Isa. 45:20. Now in the heat […]

Hymn 133

Love and charity. 1 Cor. 13:2-7, 13. Let Pharisees of high esteem Their faith and zeal declare, All their religion […]

Psalm 50 part 2

v.10,11,14,15,23 C. M. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Thus saith the Lord, “The spacious fields, And flocks, and herds, are […]

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