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Hymn 34 part 1

The gospel the power of God to salvation. Rom. 1:16. What shall the dying sinner do That seeks relief for […]

Hymn 157

Satan’s devices. Now Satan comes with dreadful roar And threatens to destroy; He worries whom he can’t devour With a […]

Psalm 56

Deliverance from oppression and falsehood. O Thou whose justice reigns on high, And makes th’ oppressor cease, Behold how envious […]

Psalm 144 part 3

v.12-15 L. M. Grace above riches; or, The happy nation. Happy the city where their sons, Like pillars round a […]

Psalm 117

Praise to God from all nations. O all ye nations, praise the Lord, Each with a diff’rent tongue; In every […]

Hymn 22

With God is terrible majesty. Terrible God, that reign’st on high, How awful is thy thund’ring hand! Thy fiery bolts, […]

Hymn 41

The same; or, The martyrs glorified. Rev. 7:13ff. “These glorious minds, how bright they shine! Whence all their white array? […]

Psalm 119 part 16

Prayer for quickening grace. Ver. 25,37 My soul lies cleaving to the dust; Lord, give me life divine; From vain […]

Psalm 77 part 1

Melancholy assaulting, and hope prevailing. To God I cried with mournful voice, I sought his gracious ear, In the sad […]

Psalm 95

A Psalm before prayer. Sing to the Lord Jehovah’s name, And in his strength rejoice; When his salvation is our […]

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