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Psalm 45 part 1

The glory of Christ, and power of his gospel. Now be my heart inspired to sing The glories of my […]

Psalm 37 part 1

v.1-15 C. M. The cure of envy, fretfulness, and unbelief. Why should I vex my soul, and fret To see […]

Hymn 55

Hezekiah’s song; or, Sickness and recovery. Isa. 38:9ff. When we are raised from deep distress, Our God deserves a song; […]

Hymn 130

Love and hatred. Phil. 2:2; Eph. 4:30,etc. Now by the bowels of my God, His sharp distress, his sore complaints, […]

Psalm 40 Part 1

v.1-8,5,17 C. M. A song of deliverance from great distress. I waited patient for the Lord, He bowed to hear […]

Psalm 37 part 2

v.16,21,26-31 C. M. Charity to the poor. Why do the wealthy wicked boast, And grow profanely bold? The meanest portion […]

Hymn 96

Election excludes boasting. 1 Cor. 1:26-31. But few among the carnal wise, But few of noble race, Obtain the favor […]

Hymn 43

Christ’s sufferings and glory. Now for a tune of lofty praise To great Jehovah’s equal Son! Awake, my voice, in […]

Hymn 92

Christ the wisdom of God. Prov. 8:1,22-32. Shall Wisdom cry aloud, And not her speech be heard? The voice of […]

Psalm 32 part 1

Repentance and free pardon. Blest is the man, for ever blest, Whose guilt is pardoned by his God; Whose sins […]

Hymn 161

Christian virtues; or, The difficulty of conversion. Strait is the way, the door is strait, That leads to joys on […]

Hymn 116

Love to God and our neighbor. Matt. 22:37-40. Thus saith the first, the great command, “Let all thy inward powers […]

Hymn 78

The strength of Christ’s love. SS 8:5-7,13,14. [Who is this fair one in distress, That travels from the wilderness? And […]

Psalm 100

A plain translation. Praise to our Creator. Ye nations round the earth, rejoice Before the Lord, your sovereign King; Serve […]

Psalm 33 part 2

Creatures vain, and God all-sufficient. Blest is the nation where the Lord Hath fixed his gracious throne, Where he reveals […]

Psalm 25 part 1

v.1-11 S. M. Waiting for pardon and direction. I Lift my soul to God, My trust is in his name: […]

Hymn 80

An evening hymn. Psa. 4:8; 3:5,6; 148:8. Thus far the Lord has led me on, Thus far his power prolongs […]

Psalm 124

A song for the fifth of November. Had not the Lord, may Isr’el say, Had not the Lord maintained our […]

Psalm 84 part 1

The pleasure of public worship. How pleasant, how divinely fair, O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are! With long desire […]

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