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Hymn 31 part 2

The Christian’s hidden life. Col. 3:3. O happy soul that lives on high While men lie grov’lling here His hopes […]

Hymn 156

Presumption and despair; or, Satan’s various temptations. I hate the tempter and his charms, I hate his flatt’ring breath; The […]

Hymn 76

Christ dwells in heaven, but visits on earth. SS 6:1-3,12. When strangers stand and hear me tell What beauties in […]

Psalm 118

v.22-27 S. M. An hosanna for the Lord’s day; or, A new song of salvation by Christ. See what a […]

Psalm 143

Complaint of heavy afflictions in mind and body. My righteous Judge, my gracious God, Hear when I spread my hands […]

Hymn 99

Stones made children of Abraham. Matt. 3:9. Vain are the hopes that rebels place Upon their birth and blood, Descended […]

Psalm 45

The glory of Christ. My Savior and my King, Thy beauties are divine; Thy lips with blessings overflow, And every […]

Psalm 97 part 2

v.6-9 L. M. Christ’s incarnation. The Lord is come; the heav’ns proclaim His birth; the nations learn his name; An […]

Psalm 36

v.5-9 L. M. The perfections and providence of God. High in the heav’ns, eternal God, Thy goodness in full glory […]

Psalm 94 part 2

v.16-23 C. M. God our support and comfort. Who will arise and plead my right Against my num’rous foes, While […]

Psalm 126

Surprising deliverance. When God restored our captive state, Joy was our song, and grace our theme; The grace beyond our […]

Hymn 46 part 1

God glorious, and sinners saved. Rom. 1:30; 5:8,9; 1 Pet. 3:22. Father, how wide thy glories shine! How high thy […]

Hymn 154

Self-righteousness insufficient. “Where are the mourners,” saith the Lord, “That wait and tremble at my word, That walk in darkness […]

Psalm 147 part 2

Summer and winter. A Song for Great Britain. O Britain, praise thy mighty God, And make his honors known abroad, […]

Hymn 4 part 2

The inward witness to Christianity. 1 Jn. 5:10. Questions and doubts be heard no more, Let Christ and joy be […]

Psalm 116 part 1

Recovery from sickness. I love the Lord; he heard my cries, And pitied every groan; Long as I live, when […]

Hymn 136

Sincerity and hypocrisy; or, formality in worship. John 4:24; Ps. 139:23,24. God is a Spirit, just and wise, He sees […]

Psalm 89 part 1

The faithfulness of God. My never-ceasing songs shall show The mercies of the Lord; And make succeeding ages know How […]

Psalm 118 part 4

v.24-26 C. M. Hosanna; the Lord’s day; or, Christ’s resurrection and our salvation. This is the day the Lord hath […]

Hymn 138

Saints in the hands of Christ Jn. 10:28,29. Firm as the earth thy gospel stands, My Lord, my hope, my […]

Hymn 165

Unfruitfulness, ignorance, and unsanctified affections. Long have I sat beneath the sound Of thy salvation, Lord; But still how weak […]

Psalm 61

v.1-6 S. M. Safety in God. When, overwhelm’d with grief, My heart within me dies, Helpless, and far from all […]

Hymn 16

Hosannah to Christ. Mt. 21:9; Luke 19:38,40. Hosannah to the royal Son Of David’s ancient line! His natures two, his […]

Hymn 4

Salvation in the cross. Here at thy cross, my dying God, I lay my soul beneath thy love, Beneath the […]

Psalm 147 part 1

The Divine nature, providence, and grace. Praise ye the Lord; ’tis good to raise Our hearts and voices in his […]

Psalm 34 part 1

God’s care of the saints; or, Deliverance by prayer. Lord, I will bless thee all my days, Thy praise shall […]

Psalm 125

The saint’s trial and safety. Unshaken as the sacred hill, And firm as mountains be, Firm as a rock the […]

Hymn 53

The Holy Scriptures. Heb. 1:1,2; 2 Tim. 3:15,16; Psa. 147:19,20. God, who in various methods told His mind and will […]

Hymn 97

Christ our wisdom, righteousness, etc. 1 Cor. 1:30. Buried in shadows of the night We lie till Christ restores the […]

Psalm 55

v.1-8,16-18,22 C. M. Support for the afflicted and tempted soul. O God, my refuge, hear my cries, “Behold my flowing […]

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