Hymn 50

The song of Zacharias.

Lk. 1:68ff; John 1:29,32.

Now be the God of Isr’el blessed,
Who makes his truth appear;
His mighty hand fulfils his word,
And all the oaths he sware.

Now he bedews old David’s root
With blessings from the skies;
He makes the Branch of Promise grow,
The promised Horn arise.

[John was the prophet of the Lord,
To go before his face;
The herald which our Savior God
Sent to prepare his ways.

He makes the great salvation known,
He speaks of pardoned sins;
While grace divine, and heav’nly love,
In its own glory shines.

“Behold the Lamb of God,” he cries.
“That takes our guilt away;
I saw the Spirit o’er his head,
On his baptizing day.]

“Be every vale exalted high,
Sink every mountain low;
The proud must stoop, and humble souls
Shall his salvation know.

“The heathen realms with Isr’el’s land
Shall join in sweet accord
And all that’s born of man shall see
The glory of the Lord.

“Behold the Morning Star arise,
Ye that in darkness sit;
He marks the path that leads to peace,
And guides our doubtful feet.”

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Hymn 50