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They deliver the edicts of God Without delay And are exempt from apprehension From detention And with their God-given Petasus, […]

I Am 25

With a love a madness for Shelley Chatterton Rimbaud And the needy-yap of my youth has gone from ear to […]

Gregory Corso

Budger of history Brake of time You Bomb Toy of universe Grandest of all snatched sky I cannot hate you […]

Last Night I Drove A Car

Last night I drove a car not knowing how to drive not owning a car I drove and knocked down […]

The Mad Yak

I am watching them churn the last milk they’ll ever get From me. They are waiting for me to die; […]

I Held A Shelley Manuscript

My hands did numb to beauty As they reached into Death and tightened! O sovereign was my touch Upon the […]