English poetry

Poems in English

Walking The Marshland

It was no place for the faithless, So I felt a little odd Walking the marshland with my daughters, Canada […]


if you believe nothing is always what’s left After a while, as I did, If you believe you have this […]


He’d spent his life trying to control the names people gave him; Oh the unfair and the accurate equally hurt. […]


Yesterday, for a long while, The early morning sunlight In the trees was sufficient, Replaced by a hello From a […]


A woman’s taking her late-afternoon walk On Chestnut where no sidewalk exists And houses with gravel driveways Sit back among […]

Essay On The Personal

Because finally the personal Is all that matters, We spend years describing stones, Chairs, abandoned farmhouses- Until we’re ready. Always […]

Allegory Of The Cave

He climbed toward the blinding light And when his eyes adjusted He looked down and could see His fellow prisoners […]