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A Message to America

You have the grit and the guts, I know; You are ready to answer blow for blow You are virile, […]

Sonnet 03

Why should you be astonished that my heart, Plunged for so long in darkness and in dearth, Should be revived […]

Sonnet 01

Sidney, in whom the heyday of romance Came to its precious and most perfect flower, Whether you tourneyed with victorious […]


In Lyonesse was beauty enough, men say: Long Summer loaded the orchards to excess, And fertile lowlands lengthening far away, […]

The Rendezvous

He faints with hope and fear. It is the hour. Distant, across the thundering organ-swell, In sweet discord from the […]

Champagne, 1914-15

In the glad revels, in the happy fetes, When cheeks are flushed, and glasses gilt and pearled With the sweet […]

Sonnet 07

There have been times when I could storm and plead, But you shall never hear me supplicate. These long months […]

Sonnet VI

Give me the treble of thy horns and hoofs, The ponderous undertones of ‘bus and tram, A garret and a […]

I Have A Rendezvous With Death

I have a rendezvous with Death At some disputed barricade, When Spring comes back with rustling shade And apple-blossoms fill […]

All That’s Not Love

All that’s not love is the dearth of my days, The leaves of the volume with rubric unwrit, The temple […]


Broceliande! in the perilous beauty of silence and menacing shade, Thou art set on the shores of the sea down […]

An Ode to Antares

At dusk, when lowlands where dark waters glide Robe in gray mist, and through the greening hills The hoot-owl calls […]


Her eyes under their lashes were blue pools Fringed round with lilies; her bright hair unfurled Clothed her as sunshine […]

Sonnet 11

Apart sweet women (for whom Heaven be blessed), Comrades, you cannot think how thin and blue Look the leftovers of […]


The rooks aclamor when one enters here Startle the empty towers far overhead; Through gaping walls the summer fields appear, […]

The Bayadere

Flaked, drifting clouds hide not the full moon’s rays More than her beautiful bright limbs were hid By the light […]


A shell surprised our post one day And killed a comrade at my side. My heart was sick to see […]

El Extraviado

Over the radiant ridges borne out on the offshore wind, I have sailed as a butterfly sails whose priming wings […]

The Torture of Cuauhtemoc

Their strength had fed on this when Death’s white arms Came sleeved in vapors and miasmal dew, Curling across the […]

Sonnet X

A splendor, flamelike, born to be pursued, With palms extent for amorous charity And eyes incensed with love for all […]

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