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The Hosts

Purged, with the life they left, of all That makes life paltry and mean and small, In their new dedication […]

The Sultan’s Palace

My spirit only lived to look on Beauty’s face, As only when they clasp the arms seem served aright; As […]


First, London, for its myriads; for its height, Manhattan heaped in towering stalagmite; But Paris for the smoothness of the […]

Sonnet I

Down the strait vistas where a city street Fades in pale dust and vaporous distances, Stained with far fumes the […]

The Nympholept

There was a boy not above childish fears With steps that faltered now and straining ears, Timid, irresolute, yet dauntless […]

Sonnet 02

Not that I always struck the proper mean Of what mankind must give for what they gain, But, when I […]

Sonnet 08

Oh, love of woman, you are known to be A passion sent to plague the hearts of men; For every […]

Sonnet III

There was a youth around whose early way White angels hung in converse and sweet choir, Teaching in summer clouds […]

Sonnet XIV

IT may be for the world of weeds and tares And dearth in Nature of sweet Beauty’s rose That oft […]

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