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Sonnet II

Her courts are by the flux of flaming ways, Between the rivers and the illumined sky Whose fervid depths reverberate […]

Sonnet IX

Amid the florid multitude her face Was like the full moon seen behind the lace Of orchard boughs where clouded […]

Sonnet 06

Oh, you are more desirable to me Than all I staked in an impulsive hour, Making my youth the sport […]

Sonnet XII

Like as a dryad, from her native bole Coming at dusk, when the dim stars emerge, To a slow river […]

Do You Remember Once

Do you remember once, in Paris of glad faces, The night we wandered off under the third moon’s rays And, […]

The Wanderer

To see the clouds his spirit yearned toward so Over new mountains piled and unploughed waves, Back of old-storied spires […]


Lay me where soft Cyrene rambles down In grove and garden to the sapphire sea; Twine yellow roses for the […]

The Need to Love

The need to love that all the stars obey Entered my heart and banished all beside. Bare were the gardens […]

The Deserted Garden

I know a village in a far-off land Where from a sunny, mountain-girdled plain With tinted walls a space on […]

Sonnet 04

If I was drawn here from a distant place, ‘Twas not to pray nor hear our friend’s address, But, gazing […]

Sonnet XI

When among creatures fair of countenance Love comes enformed in such proud character, So far as other beauty yields to […]

I Loved

I loved illustrious cities and the crowds That eddy through their incandescent nights. I loved remote horizons with far clouds […]

At the Tomb of Napoleon

I stood beside his sepulchre whose fame, Hurled over Europe once on bolt and blast, Now glows far off as […]

Sonnet XV

Above the ruin of God’s holy place, Where man-forsaken lay the bleeding rood, Whose hands, when men had craved substantial […]


Stretched on a sunny bank he lay at rest, Ferns at his elbow, lilies round his knees, With sweet flesh […]

La Nue

Oft when sweet music undulated round, Like the full moon out of a perfumed sea Thine image from the waves […]

The Old Lowe House, Staten Island

Another prospect pleased the builder’s eye, And Fashion tenanted (where Fashion wanes) Here in the sorrowful suburban lanes When first […]

Sonnet VIII

Oft as by chance, a little while apart The pall of empty, loveless hours withdrawn, Sweet Beauty, opening on the […]


So when the verdure of his life was shed, With all the grace of ripened manlihead, And on his locks, […]

A Message to America

You have the grit and the guts, I know; You are ready to answer blow for blow You are virile, […]

Sonnet 03

Why should you be astonished that my heart, Plunged for so long in darkness and in dearth, Should be revived […]

Sonnet 01

Sidney, in whom the heyday of romance Came to its precious and most perfect flower, Whether you tourneyed with victorious […]


In Lyonesse was beauty enough, men say: Long Summer loaded the orchards to excess, And fertile lowlands lengthening far away, […]

The Rendezvous

He faints with hope and fear. It is the hour. Distant, across the thundering organ-swell, In sweet discord from the […]

Champagne, 1914-15

In the glad revels, in the happy fetes, When cheeks are flushed, and glasses gilt and pearled With the sweet […]

Sonnet 07

There have been times when I could storm and plead, But you shall never hear me supplicate. These long months […]

Sonnet VI

Give me the treble of thy horns and hoofs, The ponderous undertones of ‘bus and tram, A garret and a […]

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