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An Ode to Antares

At dusk, when lowlands where dark waters glide Robe in gray mist, and through the greening hills The hoot-owl calls […]


Her eyes under their lashes were blue pools Fringed round with lilies; her bright hair unfurled Clothed her as sunshine […]

Sonnet 11

Apart sweet women (for whom Heaven be blessed), Comrades, you cannot think how thin and blue Look the leftovers of […]


The rooks aclamor when one enters here Startle the empty towers far overhead; Through gaping walls the summer fields appear, […]

The Bayadere

Flaked, drifting clouds hide not the full moon’s rays More than her beautiful bright limbs were hid By the light […]


A shell surprised our post one day And killed a comrade at my side. My heart was sick to see […]

El Extraviado

Over the radiant ridges borne out on the offshore wind, I have sailed as a butterfly sails whose priming wings […]

The Torture of Cuauhtemoc

Their strength had fed on this when Death’s white arms Came sleeved in vapors and miasmal dew, Curling across the […]

Sonnet X

A splendor, flamelike, born to be pursued, With palms extent for amorous charity And eyes incensed with love for all […]


Though thou art now a ruin bare and cold, Thou wert sometime the garden of a king. The birds have […]


I who, conceived beneath another star, Had been a prince and played with life, instead Have been its slave, an […]


O happiness, I know not what far seas, Blue hills and deep, thy sunny realms surround, That thus in Music’s […]

Sonnet XIII

I fancied, while you stood conversing there, Superb, in every attitude a queen, Her ermine thus Boadicea bare, So moved […]

Sonnet IV

Up at his attic sill the South wind came And days of sun and storm but never peace. Along the […]

Sonnet 12

Clouds rosy-tinted in the setting sun, Depths of the azure eastern sky between, Plains where the poplar-bordered highways run, Patched […]

Sonnet 10

I have sought Happiness, but it has been A lovely rainbow, baffling all pursuit, And tasted Pleasure, but it was […]

On the Cliffs, Newport

Tonight a shimmer of gold lies mantled o’er Smooth lovely Ocean. Through the lustrous gloom A savor steals from linden […]

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