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Martha Washington

Written for the “Martha Washington Court Journal”. Down cold snow-stretches of our bitter time, When windy shams and the rain-mocking […]


I. O Age that half believ’st thou half believ’st, Half doubt’st the substance of thine own half doubt, And, half […]

The Waving Of The Corn

Ploughman, whose gnarly hand yet kindly wheeled Thy plough to ring this solitary tree With clover, whose round plat, reserved […]


O Hunger, Hunger, I will harness thee And make thee harrow all my spirit’s glebe. Of old the blind bard […]


Sometimes in morning sunlights by the river Where in the early fall long grasses wave, Light winds from over the […]

The Revenge Of Hamish

It was three slim does and a ten-tined buck in the bracken lay; And all of a sudden the sinister […]

A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L

By Sidney and Clifford Lanier. O wish that’s vainer than the plash Of these wave-whimsies on the shore: “Give us […]

Owl Against Robin

Frowning, the owl in the oak complained him Sore, that the song of the robin restrained him Wrongly of slumber, […]

A Song Of Eternity In Time

Once, at night, in the manor wood My Love and I long silent stood, Amazed that any heavens could Decree […]

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