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The Raven Days

Our hearths are gone out and our hearts are broken, And but the ghosts of homes to us remain, And […]

The Jacquerie A Fragment

Chapter I. Once on a time, a Dawn, all red and bright Leapt on the conquered ramparts of the Night, […]

The Mocking-Bird

Superb and sole, upon a plumed spray That o’er the general leafage boldly grew, He summ’d the woods in song; […]

A Birthday Song. To S. G

For ever wave, for ever float and shine Before my yearning eyes, oh! dream of mine Wherein I dreamed that […]

June Dreams, In January

“So pulse, and pulse, thou rhythmic-hearted Noon That liest, large-limbed, curved along the hills, In languid palpitation, half a-swoon With […]


My soul is like the oar that momently Dies in a desperate stress beneath the wave, Then glitters out again […]

A Sunrise Song

Young palmer sun, that to these shining sands Pourest thy pilgrim’s tale, discoursing still Thy silver passages of sacred lands, […]

Marsh Hymns

Between Dawn and Sunrise. Were silver pink, and had a soul, Which soul were shy, which shyness might A visible […]


Fair is the wedded reign of Night and Day. Each rules a half of earth with different sway, Exchanging kingdoms, […]

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