English poetry

Poems in English

For Lucy, Who Came First

She simply settled down in one piece right where she was, in the sand of a long-vanished lake edge or […]

The Geniuses Among Us

They take us by surprise, these tall perennials That jut like hollyhocks above the canopy Of all the rest of […]

The Blue Water Buffalo

One in 250 Cambodians, or 40,000 people, Have lost a limb to a landmine. -Newsfront, U. N. Development Programme Communications […]

Subject to Change

A reflection on my students They are so beautiful, and so very young They seem almost to glitter with perfection, […]

At the End

In another time, a linen winding sheet Would already have been drawn About her, the funeral drums by now Would […]

Reading the Obituaries

Now the Barbaras have begun to die, Trailing their older sisters to the grave, The Helens, Margies, Nans-who said goodbye […]


The children are back, the children are back- They’ve come to take refuge, exhale and unpack; The marriage has faltered, […]

Reverie, with Fries

Straight-spined girl-yes, you of the glinting earrings, Amber skin and sinuous hair: what happened? You’ve no business lunching with sticky […]