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The Little Boy Lost

Nought loves another as itself Nor venerates another so. Nor is it possible to Thought A greater than itself to […]

A Poison Tree

I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: […]

You Don’t Believe

You don’t believe I won’t attempt to make ye: You are asleep I won’t attempt to wake ye. Sleep on! […]

Earth’s Answer

Earth raised up her head. From the darkness dread & drear, Her light fled: Stony dread! And her locks cover’d […]

I see the Four-fold Man

I see the Four-fold Man, The Humanity in deadly sleep And its fallen Emanation, the Spectre and its cruel Shadow. […]


The sun descending in the west. The evening star does shine. The birds are silent in their nest, And I […]

To Morning

O holy virgin! clad in purest white, Unlock heav’n’s golden gates, and issue forth; Awake the dawn that sleeps in […]

The Little Girl Lost

In futurity I prophesy see. That the earth from sleep. (Grave the sentence deep) Shall arise and seek For her […]

Three Things to Remember

A Robin Redbreast in a cage, Puts all Heaven in a rage. A skylark wounded on the wing Doth make […]

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