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In the Country

This life is sweetest; in this wood I hear no children cry for food; I see no woman, white with […]


My mind has thunderstorms, That brood for heavy hours: Until they rain me words, My thoughts are drooping flowers And […]

All in June

A week ago I had a fire To warm my feet, my hands and face; Cold winds, that never make […]


Now do I hear thee weep and groan, Who hath a comrade sunk at sea? Then quaff thee of my […]

The Flood

I thought my true love slept; Behind her chair I crept And pulled out a long pin; The golden flood […]

The Boy

Go, little boy, Fill thee with joy; For Time gives thee Unlicensed hours, To run in fields, And roll in […]

Rich or Poor

With thy true love I have more wealth Than Charon’s piled-up bank doth hold; Where he makes kings lay down […]

Nell Barnes

They lived apart for three long years, Bill Barnes and Nell his wife; He took his joy from other girls, […]

The Mind’s Liberty

The mind, with its own eyes and ears, May for these others have no care; No matter where this body […]

The Happy Child

I saw this day sweet flowers grow thick But not one like the child did pick. I heard the packhounds […]

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