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Songs of Joy

Sing out, my soul, thy songs of joy; Sing as a happy bird will sing Beneath a rainbow’s lovely arch […]

Laughing Rose

If I were gusty April now, How I would blow at laughing Rose; I’d make her ribbons slip their knots, […]

Where We Differ

To think my thoughts are hers, Not one of hers is mine; She laughs while I must sigh; She sighs […]

The Likeness

When I came forth this morn I saw Quite twenty cloudlets in the air; And then I saw a flock […]

Sweet Stay-at-Home

Sweet Stay-at-Home, sweet Well-content, Thou knowest of no strange continent; Thou hast not felt thy bosom keep A gentle motion […]

Truly Great

My walls outside must have some flowers, My walls within must have some books; A house that’s small; a garden […]

A Fleeting Passion

Thou shalt not laugh, thou shalt not romp, Let’s grimly kiss with bated breath; As quietly and solemnly As Life […]

Days Too Short

When primroses are out in Spring, And small, blue violets come between; When merry birds sing on boughs green, And […]


She walks as lightly as the fly Skates on the water in July. To hear her moving petticoat For me […]

No Master

Indeed this is the sweet life! my hand Is under no proud man’s command; There is no voice to break […]


When I had money, money, O! I knew no joy till I went poor; For many a false man as […]


What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand […]

Rich Days

Welcome to you rich Autumn days, Ere comes the cold, leaf-picking wind; When golden stocks are seen in fields, All […]

The Hermit

WHAT moves that lonely man is not the boom Of waves that break agains the cliff so strong; Nor roar […]

The Villain

While joy gave clouds the light of stars, That beamed wher’er they looked; And calves and lambs had tottering knees, […]

The Bird of Paradise

Here comes Kate Summers, who, for gold, Takes any man to bed: “You knew my friend, Nell Barnes,” she said; […]

In the Country

This life is sweetest; in this wood I hear no children cry for food; I see no woman, white with […]


My mind has thunderstorms, That brood for heavy hours: Until they rain me words, My thoughts are drooping flowers And […]

All in June

A week ago I had a fire To warm my feet, my hands and face; Cold winds, that never make […]


Now do I hear thee weep and groan, Who hath a comrade sunk at sea? Then quaff thee of my […]

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