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In placid hours well-pleased we dream Of many a brave unbodied scheme. But form to lend, pulsed life create, What […]


Children of my happier prime, When One yet lived with me, and threw Her rainbow over life and time, Even […]

Malvern Hill

Ye elms that wave on Malvern Hill In prime of morn and May, Recall ye how McClellan’s men Here stood […]

The Mound by the Lake

The grass shall never forget this grave. When homeward footing it in the sun After the weary ride by rail, […]


When ocean-clouds over inland hills Sweep storming in late autumn brown, And horror the sodden valley fills, And the spire […]


O Pride of the days in prime of the months Now trebled in great renown, When before the ark of […]

The Maldive Shark

About the Shark, phlegmatical one, Pale sot of the Maldive sea, The sleek little pilot-fish, azure and slim, How alert […]

The Portent

Hanging from the beam, Slowly swaying (such the law), Gaunt the shadow on the green, Shenandoah! The cut is on […]


A Requiem Skimming lightly, wheeling still, The swallows fly low Over the fields in cloudy days, The forest-field of Shiloh […]


(November, 1863) A kindling impulse seized the host Inspired by heaven’s elastic air; Their hearts outran their General’s plan, Though […]