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On Stella’s Birth-Day 1719

Stella this Day is thirty four, (We shan’t dispute a Year or more) However Stella, be not troubled, Although thy […]

The Beasts’ Confession

To the Priest, on Observing how most Men mistake their own Talents When beasts could speak (the learned say, They […]

A Description of the Morning

Now hardly here and there a hackney-coach Appearing, show’d the ruddy morn’s approach. Now Betty from her master’s bed had […]

A Description of a City Shower

Careful Observers may fortel the Hour (By sure Prognosticks) when to dread a Show’r: While Rain depends, the pensive Cat […]

A Maypole

Deprived of root, and branch and rind, Yet flowers I bear of every kind: And such is my prolific power, […]