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To Fly In Just Your Suit

Humans are flown, or fall; Humans can’t fly. We’re down with the gravity-stemmers, Rare, thick-boned, often basso. Most animals above […]

Inside Ayers Rock

Inside Ayers Rock is lit With paired fluorescent lights On steel pillars supporting the ceiling Of haze-blue marquee cloth High […]

The Aboriginal Cricketer

Mid-9th century Good-looking young man In your Crimean shirt With your willow shield Up, as if to face spears, You’re […]

On The Borders

We’re driving across tableland Somewhere in the world; It is almost bare of trees. Upland near void of features Always […]


I starred that night, I shone: I was footwork and firework in one, A rocket that wriggled up and shot […]


Us all on sore cement was we. Not warmed then with glares. Not glutting mush Under that pole the lightning’s […]

Bat's Ultrasound

Sleeping-bagged in a duplex wing With fleas, in rock-cleft or building Radar bats are darkness in miniature, Their whole face […]

Aurora Prone

The lemon sunlight poured out far between things Inhabits a coolness. Mosquitoes have subsided, Flies are for later heat. Every […]

The Quality Of Sprawl

Sprawl is the quality Of the man who cut down his Rolls-Royce Into a farm utility truck, and sprawl Is […]

On Home Beaches

Back, in my fifties, fatter that I was then, I step on the sand, belch down slight horror to walk […]

The Meaning Of Existence

Everything except language Knows the meaning of existence. Trees, planets, rivers, time Know nothing else. They express it Moment by […]

A Retrospect Of Humidity

All the air conditioners now slacken Their hummed carrier wave. Once again We’ve served our three months with remissions In […]

Travels With John Hunter

We who travel between worlds Lose our muscle and bone. I was wheeling a barrow of earth When agony bayoneted […]

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