English poetry

Poems in English

The New Hieroglyphics

In the World language, sometimes called Airport Road, a thinks balloon with a gondola Under it is a symbol for […]

Amanda’s Painting

In the painting, I’m seated in a shield, Coming home in it up a shadowy river. It is a small […]


Uphill in Melbourne on a beautiful day A woman is walking ahead of her hair. Like teak oiled soft to […]

The Butter Factory

It was built of things that must not mix: Paint, cream, and water, fire and dusty oil. You heard the […]

An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow

The word goes round Repins, The murmur goes round Lorenzinis, At Tattersalls, men look up from sheets of numbers, The […]

Music To Me Is Like Days

Once played to attentive faces Music has broken its frame Its bodice of always-weak laces The entirely promiscuous art Pours […]

Late Summer Fires

The paddocks shave black With a foam of smoke that stays, Welling out of red-black wounds. In the white of […]

Poetry And Religion

Religions are poems. They concert Our daylight and dreaming mind, our Emotions, instinct, breath and native gesture Into the only […]

Cockspur Bush

I am lived. I am died. I was two-leafed three times, and grazed, But then I was stemmed and multiplied, […]