A Retrospect Of Humidity

All the air conditioners now slacken
Their hummed carrier wave. Once again
We’ve served our three months with remissions
In the steam and dry iron of this seaboard.
In jellied glare, through the nettle-rash season
We’ve watched the sky’s fermenting laundry
Portend downpours. Some came, and steamed away,
And we were clutched back into the rancid
Saline midnights of orifice weather,
To damp grittiness and wiping off the air.

Metaphors slump irritably together in
The muggy weeks. Shark and jellyfish shallows
Become suburbs where you breathe a fat towel;
Babies burst like tomatoes with discomfort
In the cotton-wrapped pointing street markets;
The Lycra-bulging surf drips from non-swimmers
Miles from shore, and somehow includes soil.
Skins, touching, soak each other. Skin touching
Any surface wets that and itself
In a kind of mutual digestion.

heads grow lianas of nonsense.

It’s our annual visit to the latitudes
Of rice, kerosene and resignation,
An averted, temporary visit
Unrelated, for most, to the attitudes
Of festive northbound jets gaining height –
Closer, for some few, to the memory
Of ulcers scraped with a tin spoon
Or sweated faces bowing before dry
Where the flesh is worn inside out,
All the hunger-organs clutched in rank nylon,
By those for whom exhaustion is spirit:

An intrusive, heart-narrowing season
At this far southern foot of the monsoon.
As the kleenex flower, the hibiscus
Drops its browning wads, we forget
Annually, as one forgets a sickness.
The stifling days will never come again,
Not now that we’ve seen the first sweater
Tugged down on the beauties of division
And inside the rain’s millions, a risen
Loaf of cat on a cool night verandah.

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A Retrospect Of Humidity