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In the Night

Cruel? I think there never was a cheating More cruel, thro’ all the weary days than this! This is no […]

The Sick Man and the Nightingale

(From Lenau.) So late, and yet a nightingale? Long since have dropp’d the blossoms pale, The summer fields are ripening, […]

A Cross-Road Epitaph

“Am Kreuzweg wird begraben Wer selber brachte sich um.” When first the world grew dark to me I call’d on […]

The Village Garden

To E. M. S. Here, where your garden fenced about and still is, Here, where the unmoved summer air is […]

The Birch-Tree at Loschwitz

At Loschwitz above the city The air is sunny and chill; The birch-trees and the pine-trees Grow thick upon the […]

A Reminiscence

It is so long gone by, and yet How clearly now I see it all! The glimmer of your cigarette, […]

London in July

What ails my senses thus to cheat? What is it ails the place, That all the people in the street […]

A June-Tide Echo

(After a Richter Concert.) In the long, sad time, when the sky was grey, And the keen blast blew through […]

Last Words

Dead! all’s done with! R. Browning. These blossoms that I bring, This song that here I sing, These tears that […]

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