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Translated from Geibel

O say, thou wild, thou oft deceived heart, What mean these noisy throbbings in my breast? After thy long, unutterable […]

In a Minor Key

(AN ECHO FROM A LARGER LYRE.) That was love that I had before Years ago, when my heart was young; […]

In the Nower

To J. De P. Deep in the grass outstretched I lie, Motionless on the hill; Above me is a cloudless […]


Now, even, I cannot think it true, My friend, that there is no more you. Almost as soon were no […]

Ballade of an Omnibus

“To see my love suffices me.” Ballades in Blue China. Some men to carriages aspire; On some the costly hansoms […]

On the Threshold

O God, my dream! I dreamed that you were dead; Your mother hung above the couch and wept Whereon you […]

To Death

(From Lenau.) If within my heart there’s mould, If the flame of Poesy And the flame of Love grow cold, […]


The lion remembers the forest, The lion in chains; To the bird that is captive a vision Of woodland remains. […]

To Sylvia

“O love, lean thou thy cheek to mine, And let the tears together flow” Such was the song you sang […]


If I were a woman of old, What prayers I would pray for you, dear; My pitiful tribute behold Not […]

The Lost Friend

The people take the thing of course, They marvel not to see This strange, unnatural divorce Betwixt delight and me. […]

London Poets

(In Memoriam.) They trod the streets and squares where now I tread, With weary hearts, a little while ago; When, […]

A London Plane-Tree

Green is the plane-tree in the square, The other trees are brown; They droop and pine for country air; The […]

In the Mile End Road

How like her! But ’tis she herself, Comes up the crowded street, How little did I think, the morn, My […]

In the Black Forest

I lay beneath the pine trees, And looked aloft, where, through The dusky, clustered tree-tops, Gleamed rent, gay rifts of […]

New Love, New Life

I. She, who so long has lain Stone-stiff with folded wings, Within my heart again The brown bird wakes and […]

The Old Poet

I will be glad because it is the Spring; I will forget the winter in my heart Dead hopes and […]


Back to the mystic shore beyond the main The mystic craft has sped, and left no trace. Ah, nevermore may […]

At Dawn

In the night I dreamed of you; All the place was filled With your presence; in my heart The strife […]

Straw in the Street

Straw in the street where I pass to-day Dulls the sound of the wheels and feet. ‘Tis for a failing […]

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