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A Farewell

(After Heine.) The sad rain falls from Heaven, A sad bird pipes and sings ; I am sitting here at […]

The Promise of Sleep

Put the sweet thoughts from out thy mind, The dreams from out thy breast; No joy for thee but thou […]

The Two Terrors

Two terrors fright my soul by night and day: The first is Life, and with her come the years; A […]

The Dream

Believe me, this was true last night, Tho’ it is false to-day. A. M. F. Robinson. A fair dream to […]

A March Day in London

The east wind blows in the street to-day; The sky is blue, yet the town looks grey. ‘Tis the wind […]


Most wonderful and strange it seems, that I Who but a little time ago was tost High on the waves […]

At a Dinner Party

With fruit and flowers the board is deckt, The wine and laughter flow; I’ll not complain could one expect So […]

Sinfonia Eroica

(To Sylvia.) My Love, my Love, it was a day in June, A mellow, drowsy, golden afternoon; And all the […]


So Mary died last night! To-day The news has travelled here. And Robert died at Michaelmas, And Walter died last […]

To Vernon Lee

On Bellosguardo, when the year was young, We wandered, seeking for the daffodil And dark anemone, whose purples fill The […]


Last June I saw your face three times; Three times I touched your hand; Now, as before, May month is […]

Christopher Found

I. At last; so this is you, my dear! How should I guess to find you here? So long, so […]

Felo de Se

With Apologies to Mr. Swinburne. For repose I have sighed and have struggled ; have sigh’d and have struggled in […]

Run to Death

A True Incident of Pre-Revolutionary French History. Now the lovely autumn morning breathes its freshness in earth’s face, In the […]

To Clementina Black

More blest than was of old Diogenes, I have not held my lantern up in vain. Not mine, at least, […]

Between the Showers

Between the showers I went my way, The glistening street was bright with flowers; It seemed that March had turned […]

A Dirge

“Mein Herz, mein Herz ist traurig Doch lustig leuchtet der Mai” There’s May amid the meadows, There’s May amid the […]

Ralph to Mary

Love, you have led me to the strand, Here, where the stilly, sunset sea, Ever receding silently, Lays bare a […]

Youth and Love

What does youth know of love? Little enough, I trow! He plucks the myrtle for his brow, For his forehead […]

A Greek Girl

I may not weep, not weep, and he is dead. A weary, weary weight of tears unshed Through the long […]

Cambridge in the Long

Where drowsy sound of college-chimes Across the air is blown, And drowsy fragrance of the limes, I lie and dream […]

A Prayer

Since that I may not have Love on this side the grave, Let me imagine Love. Since not mine is […]

The End of the Day

To B. T. Dead-tired, dog-tired, as the vivid day Fails and slackens and fades away. The sky that was so […]

The First Extra

A Waltz Song. O sway, and swing, and sway, And swing, and sway, and swing! Ah me, what bliss like […]

Translated from Geibel

O say, thou wild, thou oft deceived heart, What mean these noisy throbbings in my breast? After thy long, unutterable […]

In a Minor Key

(AN ECHO FROM A LARGER LYRE.) That was love that I had before Years ago, when my heart was young; […]

In the Nower

To J. De P. Deep in the grass outstretched I lie, Motionless on the hill; Above me is a cloudless […]


Now, even, I cannot think it true, My friend, that there is no more you. Almost as soon were no […]

Ballade of an Omnibus

“To see my love suffices me.” Ballades in Blue China. Some men to carriages aspire; On some the costly hansoms […]

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