English poetry

Poems in English

The Night

Most Holy Night, that still dost keep The keys of all the doors of sleep, To me when my tired […]


Who played with a Dangerous Toy, and suffered a Catastrophe of considerable Dimensions When George’s Grandmamma was told That George […]

On Vital Statistics

Ill fares the land to hast’ning ills a prey (1) Where wealth accumulates and men decay.’ But how much more […]

The Pelagian Drinking Song

Pelagius lived at Kardanoel And taught a doctrine there How, whether you went to heaven or to hell It was […]


Who Slammed Doors For Fun And Perished Miserably A trick that everyone abhors In little girls is slamming doors. A […]

Because My Faltering Feet

Because my faltering feet may fail to dare The first descendant of the steps of Hell Give me the Word […]

The Birds

When Jesus Christ was four years old The angels brought Him toys of gold, Which no man ever had bought […]

Charles Augustus Fortescue

The nicest child I ever knew Was Charles Augustus Fortescue. He never lost his cap, or tore His stockings or […]