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Earth Voices

I I heard the spring wind whisper Above the brushwood fire, “The world is made forever Of transport and desire. […]

A Sea Child

The lover of child Marjory Had one white hour of life brim full; Now the old nurse, the rocking sea, […]

The Ships of Saint John

Where are the ships I used to know, That came to port on the Fundy tide Half a century ago, […]

Lord of my Heart's Elation

Lord of my heart’s elation, Spirit of things unseen, Be thou my aspiration Consuming and serene! Bear up, bear out, […]

On Love

TO the assembled folk At great St. Kavin’s spoke Young Brother Amiel on Christmas Eve; I give you joy, my […]

Behind the Arras

I like the old house tolerably well, Where I must dwell Like a familiar gnome; And yet I never shall […]

Rivers of Canada

O all the little rivers that run to Hudson’s Bay, They call me and call me to follow them away. […]

By the Aurelian Wall

In Memory of John Keats By the Aurelian Wall, Where the long shadows of the centuries fall From Caius Cestius’ […]

The Vagabonds

We are the vagabonds of time, And rove the yellow autumn days, When all the roads are gray with rime […]

If Death be Good

(Sappho LXXIV) If death be good, Why do the gods not die? If life be ill, Why do the gods […]

The Old Gray Wall

Time out of mind I have stood Fronting the frost and the sun, That the dream of the world might […]

The Winter Scene

I The rutted roads are all like iron; skies Are keen and brilliant; only the oak-leaves cling In the bare […]

Low Tide on Grand Pré

The sun goes down, and over all These barren reaches by the tide Such unelusive glories fall, I almost dream […]


FOR a name unknown, Whose fame unblown Sleeps in the hills For ever and aye; For her who hears The […]

A Song before Sailing

Wind of the dead men’s feet, Blow down the empty street Of this old city by the sea With news […]

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