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Give Me Back My Rags #1

Give me back my rags My rags of pure dreaming Of silk smiling of striped foreboding Of my cloth of […]

Far Within Us #5

The nights are running out of darkness Steel branches grasp The arms of passers-by Only anonymour chimneys Are free to […]

The Little Box

The little box gets her first teeth And her little length Little width little emptiness And all the rest she […]

The Enemies Of The Little Box

Don’t box down to the little box Which supposedly contains everything Your star and all other stars Empty yourself In […]

Give Me Back My Rags

Just come to my mind My thoughts will scratch out your face Just come into my sight My eyes will […]


Some bite from the others A leg an arm or whatever Take it between their teeth Run out as fast […]

Give Me Back My Rags #11

I’ve wiped your face off my face Ripped your shadow off my shadow Leveled the hills in you Turned your […]

Far Within Us #4

Green gloves rustle On the avenue’s branches The evening carries us under its arm By a path which leaves no […]

Before The Game

Shut one eye then the other Peek into every corner of yourself See that there are no nails no thieves […]

Give Me Back My Rags #4

Get out of my walled infinity Of the star circle round my heart Of my mouthful of sun Get out […]

Give Me Back My Rags #12

Enough chattering violets enough sweet trash I won’t hear anything know anything Enough enough of all I’ll say the last […]

A Forgetful Number

Once upon a time there was a number Pure and round like the sun But alone very much alone It […]

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