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Before The Game

Shut one eye then the other Peek into every corner of yourself See that there are no nails no thieves […]

Give Me Back My Rags #4

Get out of my walled infinity Of the star circle round my heart Of my mouthful of sun Get out […]

Give Me Back My Rags #12

Enough chattering violets enough sweet trash I won’t hear anything know anything Enough enough of all I’ll say the last […]

A Forgetful Number

Once upon a time there was a number Pure and round like the sun But alone very much alone It […]

Anne Pennington

Until her last breath she enlarges Her Oxford house Built in Slavonic Vowels and consonants She polishes the corner-stones Until […]

Far Within Us #3

Unquiet you walk Along the rims of my eyes On the invisible grating Before your lips My naked words shiver […]

A Conceited Mistake

Once upon a time there was a mistake So silly so small That no one would even have noticed it […]

Far Within Us #1

We raise our arms The street climbs into the sky We lower our eyes The roofs go down into the […]

The Admirers Of The Little Box

Sing little box Don’t let sleep overtake you The world’s awake within you In your four-sided emptiness We turn distance […]


Someone hides from someone else Hides under his tongue The other looks for him under the earth He hides on […]

Last News About The Little Box

The little box which contains the world Fell in love with herself And conceived Still another little box The little […]

Far Within Us #2

Look here’s that uninvited Alien presence look it’s here A shudder on the ocean of tea in the cup Rust […]

Far Within Us #7

Toothed eyes fly Over still waters Around us purple lips Flutter from branches Screams hit the blue And fall onto […]

Far Within Us #6

From the wrinkle between my brows You watch till day breaks On my face The waxen night Is beginning to […]

Between Games

Nobody rests This one constantly shifts his eyes Hangs them on his head And whether he wants it or not […]

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