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The Nativity

Peace? and to all the world? sure, One And He the Prince of Peace, hath none. He travels to be […]


1. Award, and still in bonds, one day I stole abroad, It was high-spring, and all the way Primros’d, and […]


1 My Soul, there is a country 2 Afar beyond the stars, 3 Where stands a winged sentry 4 All […]

Christ's Nativity

1 Awake, glad heart! get up and sing! 2 It is the birth-day of thy King. 3 Awake! awake! 4 […]

The Star

1 Whatever ’tis, whose beauty here below 2 Attracts thee thus and makes thee stream and flow, 3 And wind […]

The Shepherds

Sweet, harmless lives! (on whose holy leisure Waits innocence and pleasure), Whose leaders to those pastures, and clear springs, Were […]

The Retreat

1 Happy those early days, when I 2 Shin’d in my angel-infancy! 3 Before I understood this place 4 Appointed […]


1 Bright shadows of true Rest! some shoots of bliss, Heaven once a week; The next world’s gladness prepossest in […]

The True Christians

So stick up ivy and the bays, And then restore the heathen ways. Green will remind you of the spring, […]

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