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Jumbo Jet

I saw a little elephant standing in my garden, I said ‘You don’t belong in here’, he said ‘I beg […]


Why is there no monument To Porridge in our land? It it’s good enough to eat, It’s good enough to […]

The Lion

If you’re attacked by a Lion Find fresh underpants to try on Lay on the ground quite still Pretend you […]


Born screaming small into this world- Living I am. Occupational therapy twixt birth and death- What was I before? What […]


Elephants are contagious! Be careful how you tread. An Elephant that’s been trodden on Should be confined to bed! Leopards […]

Two Children

Two children (small), one Four, one Five, Once saw a bee go in a hive, They’d never seen a bee […]


I was thinking of letters, We all have a lot in our life A few good – a few sad […]


Things that go ‘bump’ in the night Should not really give one a fright. It’s the hole in each ear […]


Say Bazonka every day That’s what my grandma used to say It keeps at bay the Asian Flu’ And both […]

Welcome Home

Unaware of my crime They stood me in the dock. I was sentenced to life…. Without her. Strange trial. No […]

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