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Song of an Old General

When he was a youth of fifteen or twenty, He chased a wild horse, he caught him and rode him, […]

Mengcheng Col

New house Mengcheng entrance Old tree surplus sorrow willow Come person again for who Only sorrow former person be Who […]

An Evening in the Mountains

After rain the empty mountain Stands autumnal in the evening, Moonlight in its groves of pine, Stones of crystal in […]

Hut Among the Bamboos

Sitting alone In the hush of the bamboo grove I thrum my lute And whistle lingering notes. In the secrecy […]

Replying to Subprefect Zhang

Old age think good quiet Everything not concern heart Self attend without great plan Empty know return old forest Pine […]

Mount Zhongnan

Its massive height near the City of Heaven Joins a thousand mountains to the corner of the sea. Clouds, when […]


Down horse drink gentleman alcohol Ask gentleman what place go Gentleman say not achieve wish Return lie south mountain near […]

South Hill

Light boat south hill go North hill vast expanse hard reach Separate bank see person home Long way off not […]


A red berry grows In the south country The boughs are full of them When spring arrives. Gather some, I […]

A Study

Light cloud pavilion light rain Dark yard day weary open Sit look green moss colour About to on person clothes […]

Temple Tree Path

Narrow path sunless temple locust tree Deep dark much green moss Should gate except meet sweep In case have hill […]

The Cornel Grove

Bear fruit red and green Again as if flower further open Hill at if remain guest Place here cornel cup […]

Looking Down in a Spring-rain

Round a turn of the Qin Fortress winds the Wei River, And Yellow Mountain foot-hills enclose the Court of China; […]

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