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Deer Enclosure

Empty hill not see person Yet hear person voice sound Return scene enter deep forest Duplicate light green moss on […]

Lily Magnolia Enclosure

Autumn hill gather surplus shine Fly bird chase before companion. Colour green moment bright, Sunset mist no fixed place. The […]

Farewell (II)

Hill at mutual escort stop Day dusk shut wood door Spring grass next year green Prince offspring return not return […]

Jinzhu Ridge

Wingceltis goldenrain shine empty bend Fresh and green ripple ripples ripples Secret enter Shang hill road Woodcutter not able know […]

A Song of Peach-Blossom River

A fisherman is drifting, enjoying the spring mountains, And the peach-trees on both banks lead him to an ancient source. […]

Birds Calling in the Ravine

I’m idle, as osmanthus flowers fall, This quiet night in spring, the hill is empty. The moon comes out and […]

Bound Home to Mount Song

The limpid river, past its bushes Running slowly as my chariot, Becomes a fellow voyager Returning home with the evening […]

A View of the Han River

With its three southern branches reaching the Chu border, And its nine streams touching the gateway of Jing, This river […]

A Green Stream

I have sailed the River of Yellow Flowers, Borne by the channel of a green stream, Rounding ten thousand turns […]

Song of an Old General

When he was a youth of fifteen or twenty, He chased a wild horse, he caught him and rode him, […]

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