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Madam Life's a Piece in Bloom

Madam Life’s a piece in bloom Death goes dogging everywhere: She’s the tenant of the room, He’s the ruffian on […]

England, My England

WHAT have I done for you, England, my England? What is there I would not do, England, my own? With […]


The beach was crowded. Pausing now and then, He groped and fiddled doggedly along, His worn face glaring on the […]

O Gather Me the Rose

O gather me the rose, the rose, While yet in flower we find it, For summer smiles, but summer goes, […]


Though, if you ask her name, she says Elise, Being plain Elizabeth, e’en let it pass, And own that, if […]

The Rain and the Wind

The rain and the wind, the wind and the rain They are with us like a disease: They worry the […]

There's a Regret

There’s a regret So grinding, so immitigably sad, Remorse thereby feels tolerant, even glad. … Do you not know it […]

Ballade of Dead Actors

Where are the passions they essayed, And where the tears they made to flow? Where the wild humours they portrayed […]

If I Were King

If I were king, my pipe should be premier. The skies of time and chance are seldom clear, We would […]


Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may […]

I am the Reaper

I am the Reaper. All things with heedful hook Silent I gather. Pale roses touched with the spring, Tall corn […]

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