English poetry

Poems in English

The Violet

Down in a green and shady bed, A modest violet grew; Its stalk was bent, it hung its head As […]


Let those who’re fond of idle tricks, Of throwing stones, and hurling bricks, And all that sort of fun, Now […]

The Good-Natured Girls

Two good little children, named Mary and Ann, Both happily live, as good girls always can; And though they are […]


In an elegant frock, trimm’d with beautiful lace, And hair nicely curl’d, hanging over her face, Young Fanny went out […]

The Village Green

On the cheerful village green, Skirted round with houses small, All the boys and girls are seen, Playing there with […]

Little Girls Must Not Fret

What is it that makes little Emily cry? Come then, let mamma wipe the tear from her eye: ThereĀ­ lay […]

The Disappointment

In tears to her mother poor Harriet came, Let us listen to hear what she says: “O see, dear mamma, […]

Sleepy Harry

“I do not like to go to bed,” Sleepy little Harry said; “Go, naughty Betty, go away, I will not […]

The Holidays

“Ah! don’t you remember, ’tis almost December, And soon will the holidays come; Oh, ’twill be so funny, I’ve plenty […]

The Spider

“Oh, look at that great ugly spider!” said Ann; And screaming, she brush’d it away with her fan; “‘Tis a […]

The Orphan

My father and mother are dead, Nor friend, nor relation I know; And now the cold earth is their bed, […]

Greedy Richard

“I think I want some pies this morning,” Said Dick, stretching himself and yawning; So down he threw his slate […]

The Apple-Tree

Old John had an apple-tree, healthy and green, Which bore the best codlins that ever were seen, So juicy, so […]