English poetry

Poems in English

1. Faith

“I’ve been having these Awful dreams, each a little different, Though the core’s the same- We’re walking in a field, […]


Glassmakers, At century’s end, Compounded metallic lusters In reference To natural sheens (dragonfly And beetle wings, Marbled light on kerosene) […]

The Embrace

You weren’t well or really ill yet either; Just a little tired, your handsomeness Tinged by grief or anticipation, which […]

Metro North

Over the terminal, the arms and chest of the god Brightened by snow. Formerly mercury, formerly silver, Surface yellowed by […]


Under Grand Central’s tattered vault maybe half a dozen electric stars still lit One saxophone blew, and a sheer black […]

Dickeyville Grotto

The priest never used blueprints, but worked all The many designs out of his head. Father Wilerus, Transplanted Alsatian, Built […]

A Display Of Mackeral

They lie in parallel rows, On ice, head to tail, Each a foot of luminosity Barred with black bands, Which […]


The intact facade’s now almost black In the rain; all day they’ve torn at the back Of the building, “the […]

Long Point Light

Long Pont’s apparitional This warm spring morning, The strand a blur of sandy light, And the square white Of the […]

To Bessie Drennan

Because she could find no one else to paint a picture of the old family place where she and her […]

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