English poetry

Poems in English

Bad Day At The Beauty Salon

I was a 20 year old unemployed receptionist with Dyed orange dreadlocks sprouting out of my skull. I needed a […]

Fuck Me

FUCK ME I’m all screwed up so FUCK ME. FUCK ME And take out the garbage Feed the cat and […]

Scab Maids On Speed

My first job was when I was about 15. I had met A girl named Hope who became my best […]

Hey Baby

Liner Notes – (from No More Mister Nice Girl) I was having a foul day. Some Geezer harrassed me on […]

Emotional Idiot

Liner Notes – (From Love Is A Dog From Hell) Emotional Idiocy is obviously A theme close to my heart […]

Stalk Me

Liner Notes – (from Love Is A Dog From Hell) My friend Jenny is really Worried that people are going […]

Sex Goddess

I am THE SEX GODDESS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE So don’t mess with me I’ve got a big bag full […]