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Poems in English

On Hearing

O stay, harmonious and sweet sounds, that die In the long vaultings of this ancient fane! Stay, for I may […]

Time and Grief

O TIME! who know’st a lenient hand to lay Softest on sorrow’s wound, and slowly thence (Lulling to sad repose […]

Sonnet: July 18th 1787

O Time! who know’st a lenient hand to lay Softest on sorrow’s wound, and slowly thence (Lulling to sad repose […]

XII. Written at a Convent

IF chance some pensive stranger, hither led, His bosom glowing from majestic views, The gorgeous dome, or the proud landscape’s […]

XI. Written at Ostend

HOW sweet the tuneful bells’ responsive peal! As when, at opening morn, the fragrant breeze Breathes on the trembling sense […]


Whose was that gentle voice, that, whispering sweet, Promised methought long days of bliss sincere! Soothing it stole on my […]

To a Friend

Go, then, and join the murmuring city’s throng! Me thou dost leave to solitude and tears; To busy phantasies, and […]

On a Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful landscape! I could look on thee For hours, unmindful of the storm and strife, And mingled murmurs of tumultuous […]

VII. At a Village in Scotland

O NORTH! as thy romantic vales I leave, And bid farewell to each retiring hill, Where thoughtful fancy seems to […]

IV. To the River Wenbeck

AS slowly wanders thy forsaken stream, Wenbeck! the mossy-scatter’d rocks among, In fancy’s ear still making plaintive song To the […]

In Youth

Milton, our noblest poet, in the grace Of youth, in those fair eyes and clustering hair, That brow untouched by […]

Netley Abbey

Fallen pile! I ask not what has been thy fate; But when the winds, slow wafted from the main, Through […]

V. To the River Tweed

O TWEED! a stranger, that with wand’ring feet O’er hill and dale has journey’d many a mile, (If so his […]

In Age

And art thou he, now “fallen on evil days,” And changed indeed! Yet what do this sunk cheek, These thinner […]

X. On Dover Cliffs

ON these white cliffs, that calm above the flood Rear their o’er-shadowing heads, and at their feet Scarce hear the […]