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Poems in English

Homer's Seeing-Eye Dog

Most of the time he worked, a sort of sleep With a purpose, so far as I could tell. How […]

Job Interview

Think you, if Laura had been Petrarch’s wife He would have written sonnets all his life? DON JUAN, III, 63-4 […]

Mingus At The Showplace

I was miserable, of course, for I was seventeen And so I swung into action and wrote a poem And […]

Dire Cure

“First, do no harm,” the Hippocratic Oath begins, but before she might enjoy Such balm, the docs had to harm […]


“Perhaps you’ll tire of me,” muses My love, although she’s like a great city To me, or a park that […]

No Return

I like divorce. I love to compose Letters of resignation; now and then I send one in and leave in […]

The Blues

What did I think, a storm clutching a clarinet And boarding a downtown bus, headed for lessons? I had pieces […]