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No Return

I like divorce. I love to compose
Letters of resignation; now and then
I send one in and leave in a lemon-
Hued Huff or a Snit with four on the floor.
Do you like the scent of a hollyhock?
To each his own. I love a burning bridge.

I like to watch the small boat go over
The falls it swirls in a circle
Like a dog coiling for sleep, and its frail bow
Pokes blindly out over the falls’ lip
A little and a little more and then
Too much, and then the boat’s nose dives and butt

Flips up so that the boat points doomily
Down and the screams of the soon-to-be-dead
Last longer by echo than the screamers do.
Let’s go to the videotape, the news-
Caster intones, and the control room does,
And the boat explodes again and again.

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Poem No Return - William Matthews