(to where the ashes of both
my parents are strewn)

Ok the pair of you lie still
What’s disturbing me need pass
No fretful hand over your peace
This world’s vicissitudes are stale
Fodder for you who feed the grass

Some particles of your two dusts
By moon’s wish accident or wind
May have leapt that late-life wound
Refound in you the rhapsodists
First-married days had twinned

I’ve come today in heavy rain
A storm barging through the trees
To be a part of this fresh truce
To dream myself to that serene
Death’s eye-view no living sees

A roaring motorway derides
Machine’s exclusion from this place
Cozens what the gale implies
While overhead a plane corrodes
All feel of sanctuary and solace

I cut the edges off the sound
And let the storm absorb my skin
My drift unravelling as a skein
Through paths

no brain’s designed
I want the consciousness you’re in

Too much a strain – my mind can’t click
To earthen voices (whispers signs)
My eyes alert to this life’s scenes
My ears are ticked to autumn’s clock
My shoes crunch upon chestnut spines

Not a bird singing or flying
I seize upon such absence (here
The death-sense dares to split its hair)
Why with such a strong wind flowing
Inside the noises do calms appear

Today the weather is supreme
It does away with frontiers – sweeps
Breath into piles as it swaps
Ashes for thoughts conjuring prime
Life-death from the bones it reaps

Abruptly flocks of leaves-made-birds
Quit shaken branches (glide in grace)
First soar then hover – sucked to grass
Flatten about me as soft-soaked boards

me to this parent place

And then i’m easeful – a hand scoops
Dissent away (leaves me as tree)
Settles the self down to its true
Abasement where nothing escapes
Its wanting (earth flesh being free)

I’m taken by your touching
There’s no skin between us now
As tree i am death’s avenue
You are its fruits attaching
Distilled ripeness to the bough

I possess the step i came for
My senses burst into still speech
Your potent ashes give dispatch
To life’s tensions – i travel far
Rooted at this two-worlds’ breach

october 6th 1990
(seventh anniversary of my mother’s cremation)

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