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Damsel flies

certain creatures it seems are never seen Straight on – they occupy the corner of the eye Once sensed (a […]

The buddha’s tooth

(for matt – 15) In the first seven years you choose your howdah Having by then bare inklings of a […]

From the Ansty Experience

(a) They seek to celebrate the word Not to bring their knives out on a poem Dissecting it to find […]

Wimborne minster

though there’s not much faith left And very little snow This scene of wimborne minster Still makes its christmas show […]

Blue dress

i can see through the blue Dress when you stand In the doorway – the light Come indoors softly like […]


up the ladder and round the bend Age spirals like a convolvulus Its bells break into the light Catching breath […]

Haunting the quark

(I) If you can’t scientifically explain it Dawkins says it has no value – some hope Inside the mechanical framework […]

From crossing the line

(1) a great man There was a great man So great he couldn’t be criticised in the light Who died […]

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