English poetry

Poems in English

(i) the inkman

whirligig twister Dancer prancer St vitus’s quester Chancer romancer The inkman cometh From that nether world Where dream and coincidence […]

The watchers

against their beliefs a blue spot came slowly Out of the green Nobody expected such a thing to occur On […]

Your tiger

(in china it is symbolic Of darkness and the new moon) In your night’s hollow The tiger stalks Black grasses […]


(service resettlement courses at studio fronceri – west wales) And the swords came in their varying degrees Of shininess and […]

Sea horn

within the shell swim all the sea’s fish Our ears too are compendiums of sound The big bang exploded – […]

Southampton water

song of sea-leaves in an orchestra of foam Branches of violins sprayed across the mind What is magnetic in a […]


don’t be so lazy maisie maisie Don’t be so lazy please I know it’s snowing And a hard wind’s blowing […]


for kelly Happiness is the stuff of birthdays And the coming of sweet things When they are not expected Happiness […]

The wounded angel

(from a painting by hugo simberg) Those who bear the wounded angel Are they honoured or destroyed Far beyond their […]

Art school

each sunset is unique So others tell us Fools – with flowers Of envy pushing Through their teeth I think […]

He and the hilltown

when they look into his mind they find a hill town Somewhat surprised they go off to their learned books […]


just as the dusk comes hooting Down through the shivering black leaves Of the swinging trees we (the brave ones […]

Age-old debate

when the old man said I know everything The young girl replied What is everything When the old man said […]

Portland views

wherever there’s a tear in the fabric Around weymouth – portland appears From abbotsbury hill it’s just a long Thin […]

Malvern abbey

the day was as grey as the abbey The light that filtered through the glass Had no disturbing shine about […]


in the shadow Of the flower Is the sting The bee driven by need Uses its painful gift To keep […]

The seed of endymion

or how most great achievements stem from accidental discoveries Two beauties are a joy for ever Ejaculated keats Lusting in […]

A reader’s de profundis

in my reading of the moment i have learned The figure next to christ in da vinci’s last supper (a […]


a starling sat on the roof (i don’t know how young) Croaking in an old man’s voice Cross with the […]

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