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Poems in English

The bouncing spider

schnyder schnyder The bouncing spider Had a song Wound up inside her She’d had it taped On a silken spool […]


begin at a chapter you have read before With new words and a new hand turning The pages where the […]

Jerusalem and redcurrants

my jerusalem My newfoundland Juicy as redcurrants With their sweet tang taste My desire My holy requirement Caught in a […]

The plane and the blackbird

a cold bright sun Two days to christmas A first-quarter moon At a good vantage-point A small white coffin Driven […]


loneliness is a state The lonely cannot reach It carries a grandeur That doesn’t fit into Bed-sitters or rejected Ideas […]

The feminine touch

she came on a fine cool morning The last of a course i was attending As we crowded the pavement […]


the sky is shattered Its debris Clutters the world’s streets Where the light came from Is a question Charred beyond […]


when the time comes Yield To the forces outside you Images simply Of your inner compulsions When the time comes […]

From imperfect Eden

(1) And off to scott’s (the dockers’ restaurant) Burly men packed in round solid tables But what the helle (drowned […]

Symbolically concerned

dodona oak (the tree of life) sheds leaves Nutritious-which feeds blood and mind today There’s not a jot (from which […]

In search of milk and paradise

heeley (sheffield) autumn 1988 Dodging the broken bottles Dog-shit the pavement spew I wheel my young son matthew Through the […]


a nearby field provides the plants Sometimes with a wild profusion (organisation seems a long way off) It takes an […]

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