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Daft icarus

it began as a secret desire (an itch In the marrow too vague to get through To the bone) an […]

Snowdrop blaze

from late december onwards the day comes back But not till february do we see those glimpses That let us […]

At the sixty-ninth station

(after hiroshige – stations of oi) Here at the sixty-ninth station Of the gregokaido road I have a sense of […]


you may get fed up with me She says (seing herself slightly) Fearing old age in a woman Must render […]


the two hands of me make inimical gestures That only long after betray the one tune Though they have the […]

It was once called

it comes like a convict Squeezing through bars And is gone before The promptest siren It suddenly turns In the […]

Snail and spiral

i take my property with me says the snail Slow-moving (yes) but packed with sublime thought The house upon its […]


peaches exude this thrall – Reminders of those luscious Whereabouts that lips Best find their precious sips To cry let […]

Hawthorns and the like

as the landscape falls away The hawthorn in its gnarly fashion Is content to stand alone Berries (the very tint […]


when One summer Everything opened out And nobody close by Was quick enough With needle and gut To stitch the […]

Understanding lemons

lemons don’t let you admire yourself too much They stick from their tree like awkward thoughts Demanding a truth be […]

Doughnut denial

(an ascetic poem for karen’s birthday) Fancy having a birthday on a thursday When you do the buying of the […]


the bluefish was surprised I was there to greet it This world it said is mine It feeds on blueness […]

Stylised tulips

stylised tulips – this is what the card says And they have that nineteen-twenties’ feel Of those bright young things […]

Ducks and wisdom

[from a motif by Jean Dunand (1877-1942)] Seven lacqueur ducks on a silver pond Their rippling held in a moveless […]

Bad for ears

the song wasn’t up to the task Of getting through the double-glazing Into the ears pressed on the outside pane […]

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