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Poems in English

We say

we say blame the teachers Don’t we send our young to school To be taught the simple rules For decent […]


all is still on this starless night The mountain waits Quiescent as a cat Smoothing crag and chasm To a […]

Gentlemen lift the sea

on a deformed request in a train lavatory Gentlemen lift the sea Be all of you the modern Muscular mountains […]

However grown up

six…six…why only yesterday It seems that fist shot out That one eye winked…and yet Now that this day’s arrived It […]

The red man says hello

the red man says hello The green tree says i’m here All grown-ups are sleeping Only the children hear Decorations […]

Song and dance

do you think an old heart can’t sing Do you think an old heart can’t dance With a love that […]

The river at whitebrook

the winding wye Curls into my senses Feliniously There’s no such word But no such river Merely exists Where this […]

The eyes that haunt me

there are eyes that refuse to exist In the fresh air – they are invented By the lies of paint […]

The rest home

professor piebald (the oldest man in the home) was meek At the same time ribald He clothed his matter (so […]


fancy shooting a man dead for an old label But think If there weren’t any old labels Nobody would ever […]

The singing dog

when the dog began to sing The people ran amok A man shinned up a flagpole A woman chewed her […]

Sam swill

sam swill Took a pill Went blue Ate stew Had pains No brains Sucked a date Too late Swallowed stone […]

When the new year

when the new year Came out of nowhere And peeped into rooms It was so flattered to find All the […]

Cherries and birds

cherries are so vulnerable Blinking their way from green To polished red in trees Guileless to stave off birds A […]

The room

you know how it is with the room The door is frequently locked As i pass a white sigh Is […]


what’s that i’m awake A bang like a door or a foot Knocking a chair who’s there Tense i lie […]

Christmas the delinquent

i got nothing last year And i expect nothing this So i’ve got to find If i’m to be rewarded […]

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